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The airplane will, however, stall at a higher indicated airspeed when excessive maneuvering loads are imposed by steep turns, pull-ups, or other abrupt changes in its flightpath.
He said: "In common with many other businesses, we share a concern about the risk of abrupt changes to the UK's customs procedures.
Global Banking News-October 9, 2017--ECB says European banks well prepared to meet abrupt increase in interest rates
2017;66:174-176), the authors highlighted a study by Lindson-Hawley et al showing that abrupt cessation was associated with higher quit rates than gradual cessation.
Co-author of the study Professor Stephen Barker, from Cardiff University's School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, warned that such changes could be abrupt.
Worldwide guidelines for smoking cessation generally recommend abrupt cessation over a gradual reduction in smoking, based on data from observational studies.
The possibility that the ongoing rapid demise of Arctic sea ice may instigate abrupt changes on the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS) is not tackled by current research.
If I am approached in the street I say an abrupt NO and walk on.
Addressing the launching ceremony, Vice President APC in Gulf and Pakistan, Ziad Youssef pointed out that the UPS is solution to the electronic appliances such as computers and other gadgets in case of abrupt power suspensions.
If there is an abrupt loss of vision due to bleeding or rapid accumulation of debris, Flo-X in situ can be utilized.
Scientists from the University of Cambridge have demonstrated that an abrupt weakening of the summer monsoon affected northwest India 4,100 years ago.
In his revised 2007 dissertation at Emory University, Whitfield investigates the abrupt shift of topic between the second and third chapters of Epistle to the Hebrews and abrupt shift back to the original discussion between the fourth and fifth.