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Mounting verification INPUT: motion summary table OUTPUT: "true" or "false" mounting true_mount = true_mount_up = true_mount_down = NO; compute the "normalized" number of motion pixels for each frame from motion summary table; select mount-up frame; select mount-down frame; if (change abruptness of the mount-up motion=YES) { true_mount_up = YES; if (change abruptness of the mount-down motion=YES) { true_mount_down = YES; true_mount = YES; if (mount_duration> 1.
Nonetheless, on the aggressiveness/ abruptness variable, we found that men (M = 9.
This abruptness is perhaps what lends a pervasive sense of incompleteness to what is seemingly a far-reaching collection.
As global markets showed green arrows on October 17, the next MENA trading session on October 19 saw the deep fall of Arab equities halt with the same abruptness with which it had began.
This version would be more plausible if it weren't for the abruptness of the president's departure.
This practice creates irregularity in the book and abruptness between chapters, making it seem more like a collection of essays on a single subject than an organized study.
Thrilling as the urgency and abruptness of her move were, it was the sheer musicality of her running that sent reviewers plunging into their Playbills to learn her name.
These seven oils -- bearing such titles as "Figs," "Childhood" and "Cactus" -- have an aspect of abruptness about their composition, the brushstrokes appearing to have been applied in haste.
The timing and abruptness of those resignations, along with the subsequent restatement, indicates that something was known to be amiss by the board as early as March.
The abruptness would mean that, as astronomers look farther into the early universe, the number of supernovae should drop precipitously, with vast numbers of stars sitting around waiting for the assembly line to start up.
Opinion polls over the weekend showed a majority of Greeks opposed the shutdown, due rather to its abruptness - screens went black a few hours after the announcement, cutting off newscasters mid-sentence - than to the decision itself.
Many Greeks have long viewed the broadcaster as a wasteful source of patronage jobs for political parties, but the abruptness with which ERT was taken off air took many by surprise.