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since I have named her) raised her head with a strange quickness and abruptness, for about all her movements there was an instinctive grace and gentleness, and looked at me.
The abruptness with which he demanded her decision startled her.
I'll try," she said faintly, at the same time making a note of the directness, abruptness, and haste of these city men with whom she was coming in contact.
I demanded, with an abruptness that in turn startled her.
The impulsive abruptness of her movements was such that at every step the lines of her knees and the upper part of her legs were distinctly marked under her dress, and the question involuntarily rose to the mind where in the undulating, piled-up mountain of material at the back the real body of the woman, so small and slender, so naked in front, and so hidden behind and below, really came to an end.
Edwin has made his retort with an abruptness not at all polite.
Bill came to life with an almost acrobatic abruptness.
As the reply passed my lips--a little bitterly, perhaps--she took my arm with the abruptness which characterised all her actions.
The sadness of losing a child consumes the family, Beth and Mark Latimer (Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan), their daughter 15-year-old Chloe (Charlotte Beaumont) and Beth's mum Liz (Susan Brown) as they attempt to cope with their grief, everyday normal life and the abruptness of the unwarranted attention heaped upon them.
Susan Sarandon plays a flirty librarian with affectionate abruptness and Liv Tyler delivers a lovely comic turn as Frank's hippy daughter Madison.
It's blinding fast with no abruptness and it is so capable that you always find something in reserve, to bail you out from a situation you thought was completely lost.
I was put off by the abruptness with which the love scenes between the two male actors came on.