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Do mericarps fall out of the calyx, or does the calyx abscise with the mericarps still inside?
The most important criterion when selecting a candidate strain for hashish production is how easily and efficiently the intact resin glands are released and can be isolated from the plant material, and variations in readiness to abscise are important economic determinants in selecting hashish cultivars.
sativa characteristically abscises and falls to the ground, and while the content of resin in the foliage is much lower than in the inflorescence glands, the fallen leaves doubtless contribute to allelopathic protection.
Infested buds and fruit often abscise, but larvae and pupae can complete development if fallen buds and fruit do not desiccate.
Therefore, young bolls produce ethylene and abscisic acid in response to the deficit and abscise (Guinn, 1982).
In species that mature one to four ovules, the nutlets separately abscise.
Petals in many species such as Lilium abscise when fully turgid, besides in some species; petals may be more persistent so that cell deterioration and nutrient remobilization occurs while the petals are still part of the flower.
It may have the same limitations as a natural enemy of pepper weevil in that infested floral buds and immature fruits often abscise (Cano & Alcacio 1894; Walker 1905; Pratt 1907; Elmore et al.
In addition, the ratio of senesced leaf biomass to total leaf biomass at harvest was calculated in order to provide a description of leaf turnover patterns (senescent leaves do not abscise in this species).
We decided to harvest fruit in this stage because that is the prevailing practice in PR: fruit left on the tree typically do not abscise until they have mummified, so we could not collect dropped fruit, as is often done with other species of fruits when surveying for fruit fly infestations.
Mutants that cannot synthesize ABA are able to abscise.
longifolia typically lasted 1-2 d, and styles were sometimes brittle and ready to abscise on the second day.