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Total number of leaves produced during the experimental period (A), the number of leaves attached to the stems or living leaves (B), the number of abscised leaves (C), leaf area (D), average leaf size (E), and the number of tuberous roots (F) of cassava plants grown under different concentrations of NaCl.
An alternative explanation would be that ultimate pinnae were actively abscised by the plant (comment supplied by reviewer Dr.
In abscised leaves, Tucker and colleagues found that cellulase mRNA occurs only in the two layers of cells on either side of the separation zone and in the vascular tissue that feeds the leaf.
Every 2 to 3 d, the plastic mat around each tree was checked for abscised leaves, which were counted, weighed for fresh weight biomass, and then dried to a constant weight to obtain dry weight biomass.
zuluensis (Beddard, 1907), two syntypes (ZMUN), abscised post-clitellarly, labelled 'Microchaetus zuluensis--Zululand', presently on loan to the NMSA, courtesy of C.
The pedicel is shed with fruit and swollen at junction with stipe where the perianth abscised.
These meristems are initially formed in an exogenous position but are transferred to an endogenous position by the activity of a localized phellogen [6,5] and are consequently not abscised when widespread bark formation occurs [6,7].
5, indicating that approximately 50% more S relative to N remains in abscised leaves than in healthy ones.
A second might be a greater susceptiblity of N to immobilization in freshly abscised litter.
Some plants had senescent or abscised cotyledons or early leaves.
Dead foliage on the trees remained attached to branches or had abscised, and black discoloration and small tunnels were observed in the sapwood of the stems.