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Carbohydrate and ethylene levels regulate citrus fruitlet drop through the abscission zone A during early development.
abscission occurs much later than visible symptoms of senescence (Evans et al.
that fertilization occurred about 6 weeks prior to seed abscission,
Although no pronounced effect of pawpaw extracts on leaf abscission, cutting mortality and shoot formation was obtained, there is an indication from the trend in the results obtained that the seed extracts may have the potentials to lower leaf abscission and cutting mortality, while enhancing the number of cuttings forming new shoots.
Sparks and Yates (1995) describe the process of husk abscission in Carya illinoinensis (pecan) as occurring in three phases.
This is in contrast to the apparent selective advantage of abscising insect-attacked fruits, since abscission can increase predator mortality and thus potentially reduce future damage (Fernandes & Whitham, 1989).
This occurs when the most developed secondary rhizomes, or branches, form abscission layers at their bases and break off from the main rhizome (Watanabe, 1982; Van Hove, 1989).
Much more commonly, small groups of cells fragment off as units from larger ones, sometimes through a process resembling abscission.
Variables include duration of growing season (last to first frost) and weather (storms or calm) in midautumn, after the formation of the abscission layer--the layer of cells that forms between twig and leaf to enable leaf-drop.
Plant species differed in fruit phenology as indicated by both the rate of natural abscission and percent of ripe fruit at each count period (Fig.
These cells start to divide, forming the bottom part of what's called the abscission layer, the seam where the leaf eventually falls off from.
Besides, this could also lead to abscission of flowers and abortion of fruits that were witnessed in the defoliated plants.