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Evaluations of the plants submitted to flooding ceased after the fourth day of stress due to excess leaf abscission as they presented during the stress period.
This means that under salinity, the leaf production rate of cassava was lower than the abscission rate, which determined the smaller carbon assimilation areas; this is a negative aspect for plants growing under salt stress.
Mattos during the flooding and rain periods, and no growth or negative growth in the dry season which coincided with leaf abscission of older leaves and production of reproductive structures in a flooded forest in the Atlantic Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
3], effectively blocked the ability of exogenously applied ethylene to elicit the classical "triple" response in intact etiolated peas; stimulate leaf, flower, and fruit abscission in cotton; and induce senescence of orchids.
Variables include duration of growing season (last to first frost) and weather (storms or calm) in midautumn, after the formation of the abscission layer--the layer of cells that forms between twig and leaf to enable leaf-drop.
These cells start to divide, forming the bottom part of what's called the abscission layer, the seam where the leaf eventually falls off from.
A successful abscission chemical needs to selectively loosen only the mature fruit, leaving the young crop unaffected.
This connecting part has a special name called the abscission layer.
petiolare of a white coloration on the apical side of buds (young flower); anthesis of at least one disc floret (mature flower); senescence of florets in anthesis together with beginning of abscission of ligules (young fruit); and overall abscission of ligules and dryness of fruits (mature fruit).
As a result, there are three major limitations to this harvest approach: the market for stem-free cherries is untested and undeveloped, most sweet cherry orchards are not suited to mechanical harvesting, and not all sweet cherry varieties have the required abscission characteristics.
Addition of Kn in cultured medium showed prolific leaf abscission at all the concentrations.