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Treatment with 1-MCP followed by ethylene showed abscission similar to the control plants in cultivar 'Calypso'; however showed some efficacy for the cultivar 'MG 302', showing a durability of 6 days (Figure 1A, Figure 1B, Figure 2C and Figure 3C).
In both cultivars, treatment with STS + Ethylene caused symptoms of phytotoxicity on the plants, showing senescence and abscission on 'Calypso' (Figure 1A and Figure 2E) and senescence and wilting on 'MG 302' (Figure 1B and Figure 3E).
Thus, pepper plants treated with 1-MCP before being exposed to ethylene, blocked the receptor sites preventing ethylene action, and subsequent yellowing and leaf abscission.
Flower abscission was estimated by subtracting the number of young pods produced from total number of flowers produced while pod abscission was determined as the number of young pods less the number of harvestable pods.