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To go in a clandestine manner out of the jurisdiction of the courts, or to lie concealed, in order to avoid their process. To hide, conceal, or absent oneself clandestinely, with the intent to avoid legal process. To postpone limitations. To flee from arresting or prosecuting officers of the state.

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v. 1) traditionally to leave a jurisdiction (where the court, a process server or law enforcement can find one) to avoid being served with legal papers or being arrested. 2) a surprise leaving with funds or goods that have been stolen, as in "he absconded with the loot."

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to run away, especially from the jurisdiction of a court. It may be an offence in its own right as where the absconder is on BAIL and fails to surrender to custody or tries to escape the consequences of insolvency.
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ABSCOND. To go in a clandestine manner out of the jurisdiction of the courts, or to lie concealed in order to avoid their process.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Of those who absconded, most (86%) were back in prison within 30 days, and all were recaptured by the end of April this year.
Parkinson, then 19, was sentenced to serve a minimum of 12 years and when he absconded from prison he was serving the last two years of his sentence.
Alarmingly, nearly half of all patients who went missing or absconded - 5,993 - did so from mental health services.
Offenders are recorded as having absconded if their whereabouts are unknown and all procedures to re-establish contact have failed.
| And in September, convicted killer Andrew Craigie, who killed a granddad, absconded before being found by police the next day.
Not only did DSP Khaleel ordered Butts release, he was also seen posing for selfies with his friend, the absconded criminal.
Mr Uja, who made this known while receiving security report of the 2017 pilgrimage on Monday in Abuja, said that no pilgrim absconded in Rome and Greece.
Figures released to the Press Association by the Home Office last week - nearly two years after originally requested - show 169 FNOs absconded in 2014, followed by 250 in 2015, and 75 in the first three months of 2016.
"In 2013, 20.5 per cent of expatriates absconded from their employers, of which 89.4 per cent were males and 10.6 per cent were females," said the reliable source at the State Council.
Methods: This case-control study was conducted on 413 absconded patients as case and 413 patients as control in a large general hospital in Shiraz, southern Iran.
Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald confirmed 419 inmates have absconded from detention centres with many simply walking out of open prisons.
David Blood, 48, who police said may pose a threat, absconded from the Category D prison some time between 8.30am and 1pm.