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Syed Mohammad Tayyab Advocate further stated that the main accused is already on bail and that there is no apprehension of abscondence of accused.
(12) "Zabiullah Mujahid: The Invaders Are On Practical Abscondence [sic]," Voice of Jihad, January 5, 2013; "Extensive al-Sumud Interview Given With the Official Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate," al-Sumud, January 15, 2013; Imran Khalil, "New Film Dawat Released by al-Hijra Studio," Voice of Jihad, March 29, 2013.
The counsel said that there was no apprehension of the abscondence of his petitioner or tampering with the prosecution evidence.
Finally, Hans Lemberg finishes with the end of the (Second World) war and gives an overview of the role of transport in evacuation, abscondence, displacement, forced migration--and just now all modes of transport came under discussion again.
Kumar further submitted that there was also no allegation of abscondence against the respondent.
The accused is a public servant and there is no chance of his abscondence, he added.