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Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising, appearing for the CBI, vehemently opposed the plea saying he has become an absconder for the second time in the case and his whereabouts are not known.
And any absconder thinking of returning to the UAE after doing a runner - it wouldn't be a wise move.
Another Kentucky parole officer, Paul Newman, uses the watch feature to track his absconders.
The Absconder Initiative puts to paper what the Justice Department intends to do in response to the events of September 11, namely the capture and deportation of more than 300,000 people with immigration violations.
LARKANA -- Larkana District Police raided various places on Wednesday and arrested a number of outlaws, criminals, pro-claimed offenders and absconders along with weapons and ammunition.
A complete listing of offenders in absconder status, including brief descriptions and photos, may be viewed by logging on to the PBPP Web site, http://www.
Pandey, a 1982 batch IPS officer who was declared an absconder by the CBI court in Ahmedabad on June 21, had claimed in his petition that he had merely passed on the intelligence inputs that two of the four people killed in the encounter were 'terrorists' and planning to enter the city to kill Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Therefore, the questioner was having two options in this case; first, to file a complaint before the Ministry of Labour to inform them about the request of the sponsor and second, the questioner should have requested the sponsor to make such request in writing of which the worker shall have kept a copy for the purpose of protection if the sponsor files absconder complaint, as in accordance with the Labour Law, the sponsor has the right to file absconder complaint in case of the absence of worker from work for more than 7 days continuously.
The arrested suspects, identified as Munaf Qureshi, Shabir Qureshi and Mohammad Shahzad, were involved in several crimes and were absconders in one FIR lodged at th Market police station in 2013.
In its challan, police pleaded that the accused be declared an absconder under Section 87/88 of CrPC.
According to reports, surveillance through helicopters also continued but notorious absconder Ghulam Hussain and his over a dozen accomplices are still at large.
While political parties have welcomed this act, legal experts are divided over whether the former military dictator can be termed an absconder and a terrorist, reports The Express Tribune.