absence of authority

See: anarchy
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Contributions were somewhat uneven, with problems of intonation from some soloists, and an absence of authority from others, but from the chorus en masse there was nothing but delight: unforced articulation (such a delicately persuasive "Kyrie", for example), and throughout an imaginative crescendo through long notes which released splendidly defined phrasing.
On the other hand, citizens may be subjected to information verifications by law enforcers even in the absence of authority to conduct the same that may violate their privacy rights,' the motion read.
It also produced the absence of authority or, worse yet, empowered Islamist groups that are implacably hostile to the United States.
Also the absence of authority has given pirates an opportunity to flourish and they have become a major threat to ships.
At this time, Lebanon also finds itself tumbling toward its fifth month without a government, so the attack also underscores the worsening absence of authority.
Unwilling to enter into an analysis of economic causes, Nieves Conde's film suggests that an absence of authority is the chief cause of Spanish social ills.
The commuters also expressed their agony over the absence of authority to keep a check over this anomaly.
As a study of the reach of influence in the absence of authority, it sheds light on many people of the era, from Jewish American performer Eddie Cantor to FDR to Hitler.
Particularly in absence of authority to the contrary, this opinion demonstrates that no substantial grounds exist for a difference of opinion with regard to the June 6 Order.
Because LLCs continue to be the entity of choice, the absence of authority continues to complicate an adviser's task of guiding a client and having assurance in sustaining an IRS challenge.
A review of efforts to improve education in Latin America during the years since 1998 suggests that only limited progress has been made to remedy the following problems: a failure to set standards for student learning and to evaluate performance, the absence of authority and accountability, poor teaching, and insufficient investment in primary and secondary education.
Either, like Hitler or Robespierre, they go around killing everybody, or, if their mysticism involves the renunciation of violence, the absence of authority leads to chaos, and to the consequent tyranny of the strong over the weak.