absence of change

See: status quo
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"In the absence of change, consultation would help raise awareness of the standards regime but might create unreasonable expectation and discredit, rather than enhance, the reputation of local government." The Standards Committee will discuss the report on Tuesday.
The move will mean the service is offered in fewer facilities, however, health chiefs insist in "the absence of change, waiting times are expected to worsen".
It means the status quo, an absence of change and sometimes that spells comfort zone.
The absence of change in testosterone concentrations can be explained by the fact that DHEA-s is a testosterone precursor (10).
Detection of arrhythmias in the ECG record in the absence of change in EEG during episodes of these conditions such as cardiogenic syncope can alter the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.
This association was identified in Asgari and Behpouri (2013) related to the Iranian stock exchange, and may be an explanatory factor for the absence of change in the companies' behavior.
The absence of a brainstem or cortical response, or the absence of change in the evoked brain activity, may result from a number of variables not yet fully understood and therefore complicating the use of AEPs as a sensitive and specific metric of hearing loss and abnormal brain processing.
In the absence of change in North Korea, those who refuse to accept the legitimacy of its nuclear-weapons program have understandably sought help from China.
Absence of change in consciousness, occurence of the episode during feeding or just after feeding, torticollis being intermittent and absence of epileptic findings on EEG are helpful in the differential diagnosis (4).
Piercy said she is disillusioned by the absence of change in state or federal gun laws, even in the wake of the massacre shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December.
Absence of change in total oxidative metabolism suggests increased glucose metabolism is predominantly glycolysis or an increase in glucose oxidation with similar decrease in fatty acid oxidation.
The percentage of Americans living in the East who are thriving dropped 2.9 percentage points in October compared with May, roughly double the decline found in the Midwest and West and far more than the near absence of change in the South.