absence of diversity

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Sison adopts a postcolonial feminist perspective in her use of memory texts and argues Australian public relations scholarship has suffered from the absence of diversity, particularly given the dominance of Anglo-Saxon perspectives.
The lack of credibility, the absence of diversity, the weak political content and the strictly conditioned political freedoms are all factors that will tangibly affect the rates of youth participation in this election.
NNA - Absence of diversity and pluralism has been the main cause of Arab political and cultural stagnation, said the keynote speaker at the 2014 Founders Day ceremony, marking AUB's 148th anniversary on December 1, 2014.
The absence of diversity has a far-reaching impact on gaining a broader perspective about the world and helping college students gain a balanced viewpoint.
Next, specific issues related to workplace diversity (or in many cases an absence of diversity, which can also be problematic) are examined.
At private schools where excellence is in the air, including Sidwell Friends where a large-lettered sign has hung over the main door--"There is no way to peace, peace is the way"--negatives can be found: the absence of diversity, excessive homework, weighty pressures to get into elite colleges, and as I often found, fear of failing to meet their parents' high expectations.
It's that absence of diversity that helped create the bell-jar atmosphere in which racist e-mail messages could circulate with such impunity.
Journalists who allow curiosity and courage to inspire the generation of story ideas, the selection of sources and the choice of questions could solve the absence of diversity in media coverage in no time flat.
In the absence of diversity, the goals of obtaining an impartial and representative judiciary are credibly challenged.
Whether a correlation exists between the absence of diversity among staff in the programming area, a essential component of CILs and strongly linked to who ultimately participates in center activities, and number of culturally diverse persons served is worthy of further study.
But Patrick couldn't continue without looking at the crowd and making a point closer to home: He noted "the disappointing and puzzling absence of diversity among editorial cartoonists.