absence of doubt

See: certainty
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Again, self-evidence must not be the same thing as the absence of doubt or the presence of complete certainty.
For the absence of doubt, it is the intention that the Participating Bodies should be able to rely on this procurement to purchase such services under the Framework Agreement without the need for any further procurement process.
But there was such an absence of doubt about Murray's progress that the BBC even switched his match to the Red Button as Nadal's exit grew nearer.
In a statement frozen solid by the absence of doubt and larded with disdain and dismissal, the Vatican instructed bishops to have their priests lambaste the faithful, pot-roast Catholics in the pews to bow before receiving Communion, to keep their nonordained feet out of the sanctuary, to nail their squirming kids to the pew, and a pile of other minutiae that is supposed to increase respect for the central sacrament.
When I asked a nun who'd worked in the Magdalenes - and was even an extra in the film - why it was done, she said it was because there was a total absence of doubt.
11 permitted deferred tax asset recognition for loss carryforwards only in the rare circumstances that realization of the deferred tax assets was assured "beyond a reasonable doubt"--a threshold much higher than mere absence of doubt.
For the absence of doubt, any reference to services in relation to this Contract and / or Framework Agreement shall incorporate works and be read as services and / or works .
I knew when I had the complete absence of doubt I was on the right track.