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Girls seem to be interrupted most by dropout at a more advanced learning stage in Class Seven due to financial reasons, responsibilities at home, truancy, child labour and pregnancy."Reasons for repetition include chronic absenteeism, Poor academic performance, demand by parents and transfer to other schools," the report presented and interpreted by Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) acting CEO Mercy Karogo showed.
The researchers found absenteeism sharply increased in November and peaked in January; at its peak, the absenteeism level was significantly higher than the average during the previous five seasons.
Student absenteeism may contribute to low achievement or vice versa.
A number of published studies show that absenteeism can be reduced by 5-10% by placing more emphasis on hand hygiene in a school through things like education programs on hand hygiene and encouraging the use of alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) (Azor-Martinez, 2014.) One recent study, in Spain at five state schools, had students either wash their hands using soap and water, or wash their hands followed by using ABHR.
A number of previous authors have explored the concept of absenteeism as a voluntary construct associated with various organizational factors that explain why some organizations have lower absenteeism rates than others.
Addressing chronic absenteeism should start with efforts to create a culture of school attendance--by, for example, promoting the importance of coming to school and offering incentives, Chang says.
"It's been difficult to evaluate programs that aim to reduce absenteeism since there are so many differences in how absenteeism is measured," explained Anne Hobbs, the study's lead author.
There were no reports of absenteeism due to Chikungunya fever in the years 2014 and 2015 in both SIASS units.
The spokesperson said: "Persistent absenteeism is a priority for Knowsley's schools, and we are supporting them to address this issue.
Department of Education characterized chronic student absenteeism as a hidden educational crisis.
[6] Many factors can contribute to school absenteeism which again differs from region to region, school to school, and so on.
The Oregon Department of Education reported last week that the rate of chronic absenteeism in public schools averaged 19.7 percent statewide in 2015-16, up from 15 percent two years earlier.