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One who has left, either temporarily or permanently, his or her domicile or usual place of residence or business. A person beyond the geographical borders of a state who has not authorized an agent to represent him or her in legal proceedings that may be commenced against him or her within the state.

An absentee landlord is an individual who leases real estate to another but who does not reside in the leased premises.

An absentee corporation is one that conducts business within a state other than the place of its incorporation but has not designated an agent for purposes of Service of Process, which might ensue from disputes involving its business transactions there.

ABSENTEE. One who is away from his domicil, or usual place of residence.
     2. After an absence of seven years without being heard from, the presumption of death arises. 2 Campb. R. 113; Hardin's R. 479; 18 Johns. R. 141 15 Mass. R. 805; Peake's Ev. c. 14, s. 1; 2 Stark. Ev. 457 8; 4 Barn. & A. 422; 1 Stark. C. 121 Park on Ins. 433; 1 Bl. R. 404; Burr v. Simm, 4 Wh. 150; Bradley v. Bradley, 4 Wh. 173.
     3. In Louisiana, when a person possessed of either movable or immovable property within the state, leaves it, without having appointed somebody to take care of his estate; or when the person thus appointed dies, or is either unable or unwilling to continue to administer that estate, then and in that case, the judge of the place where the estate is situated, shall appoint a curator to administer the same. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 50. In the appointment of this curator the judge shall prefer the wife of the absentee to his presumptive heirs, the presumptive heirs to other relations; the relations to strangers, and creditors to those who are not otherwise interested, provided, however, that such persons be possessed of the necessary qualifications. Ib. art. 51. For the French law on this subject, vide Biret, de l'Absende; Code Civil, liv. l tit.. 4. Fouss. lib. 13 tit. 4, n. 379-487; Merl. Rep. h.t.; and see also Ayl. Pand. 269; Dig. 50, 16, 198; Ib. 50, 16, 173; Ib. 3, 3,,6; Code, 7 32 12.

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The number of absentees that we sent out was smaller than average, but we got back a much larger percentage than in previous elections.
For Del Campo, Wednesday's semiofficial returns represented a comfortable enough lead over Lazar, and he is betting the additional absentees will confirm his winning margin.
5 million of their fellow voters cast their absentee ballots in today's election.
Early returns showed Lynch captured the majority of absentees already counted with 104,927 (54.
We had 905 absentees by last Thursday, but we got in (several more) today.
Under this law, Palestinian refugees and the internally displaced are regarded as present absentees, designations that authorized the confiscation of their land.
Abdul Malik Baloch, the Health department has started taking stern action against the absentees of the health department, which is included their suspension and other disciplinary action.
Coventry was second in the list of local authorities in the West Midlands for the worst persistence school absentees rate, according to figures released by the government's department for Children, Schools and Families.
But Gene Browning, the county's assistant registrar of voters, said thousands of ballots still remained to be counted, including about 9,000 absentees and 5,200 provisionals that people cast when they were not on the roster of voters at the polling places.
A few years ago, California gave voters the option to become permanent absentees, so they'd get their ballots by mail for every election.
As Martin points out, the Massachusetts and Connecticut Assemblies constantly intervened to force absentees to either settle or sell, reserving the right to dispossess those who did neither.
The tracking and managing of absentees, and the need to comply with the MOVE act to timely process FPCA voters, is a time-consuming effort across the election office.