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A student, pleading anonymity, said, 'We assembled in the morning and offered prayers in absentia.
A student, pleading anonymity, said, "We assembled in the morning and offered prayers in absentia.
On Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 21-year-old Emirati employee and his four Indian associates [the paralegals] of dealing in bribes worth more than Dh154,000 to access and change 103 rulings issued in absentia and stored in the internal classified filing system of the Public Prosecution's Criminal Rulings Execution Section.
Under the NAB Ordinance, the prosecution could seek initiation of the trial against the accused in absentia under Section 31-A of NAB Ordinance under which the court could award him imprisonment in absentia for three years.
Mr Al Jedawi lodged an objection to the verdict because he was sentenced in absentia and the same court yesterday reduced his original sentence to four months behind bars.
Accompanied by his lawyers, Slim Riahi had appeared before the court on August 14, 2017 to appeal the judgments in absentia delivered against him.
It may be that there will have be to a trial in absentia," Bishop added.
Dubai: A woman was sentenced in absentia to three months in jail for posting a live chat on Instagram in which she threatened to kill a businesswoman and destroy her restaurant.
Nonetheless, a number of cases where in absentia convictions were entered and not enforced have recently resurfaced after having remained dormant in the Court's archives for many years.
In state capital Muzaffarabad, prayer in absentia was offered by the lawyers and citizens in the lawn of AJK Supreme Court.
Mahdi Hadi al-Fukaki denied reports by some media about the presence of correspondences between Iraq and Interpol in France to arrest former Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi sentenced to death in absentia on terrorism charges.
He was sentenced to three years in prison in absentia over the aforementioned charges.