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The absentmindedness that usually accompanies them is cauterized and vanishes as We sink into the depths of our mysterious selves where God lurks.
But our absentmindedness could be costing us dear - for the price of buying those essential items once abroad can be more than twice as much as in Britain, a survey of holiday hotspots has found.
All Our Yesterdays - jointly David Bucknall, of Rider Levett Bucknall, for general absentmindedness, and Andrew Hall, Hortons Estate.
Second piece, "Homeland Security," centers on government suit Munro (John Bedford Lloyd), whose absentmindedness over where he left his briefcase destabilizes both his home and office life.
More likely, it's absentmindedness and a reflection of different styles and standards.
"When you put your house-keys down on a table and then suddenly discover they're not there, you put it down to your own absentmindedness, but what if that isn't the case at all?"
Muhammad Dabbas, the director of the Jordanian Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents, believes a citizen's disrespect of traffic laws can be traced back to many reasons that are related to frustration, poverty, absentmindedness and showing off.
Forgetfulness tends to increase with age, but there is a big difference between normal absentmindedness and the type of memory loss associated with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.
Einstein's notorious absentmindedness, on the other hand, was no myth and Isaacson provides ample evidence.
These are not intentional acquisitions by my friend, but rather the fault of my own absentmindedness, or too many places in his truck to misplace things.
Also, tasks and actions (the two items derived from "everyday tasks" in the pilot study) were even more strongly correlated, r (34) = .73, p < .001, suggesting some justification in grouping them together as is often done under the label of "absentmindedness." This aspect of absentmindedness was the only aspect of memory among the top four in the pilot study that did not show up as high in importance in the present study.
Should they be involved in an accident, they could risk being even further out of pocket for their absentmindedness.