absolute condition

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"I know for a fact that Kutuzov made it an absolute condition that the Tsarevich should not be with the army.
If her position with regard to her father was not the absolute condition of serfdom into which her mother had been ground down, she was at least afraid of him, and she remembered the strict commands he had laid upon them all.
This will be my absolute condition even to enter the BiH Presidency building.
From Gandhi, she learnt that for a doctrine of peace and reconciliation to be translated into practice, one absolute condition needed is fearlessness.
Addressing concerns raised during a public consultation, Freeman said: "An absolute condition of agreeing to these proposals is that the A&E at the PRI will be retained."
To significantly improve the absolute condition and relative position of the poor, growth needs to be rapid', she stresses.
"Until recently, autism has been considered by many as a hopeless, incurable, and absolute condition," the website states.
An official from the commission said whether or not to maintain a position on the board of directors is not an absolute condition for designating somebody as an effective owner.
Hence, uniqueness denotes an absolute condition; none like you, before and after you.
We are here today to improve our Military relationships, through the Kingdom of Belgium, to help create a solid unity between us." Matzken, who held the post for two years, also clarified that seniority is not an absolute condition to take over the Presidency and he himself was not the senior most when he took over as President of CAMNA.
But this does not help conceal the fact that for the EU, freedom must be an absolute condition for progress in relations and a holy principle, which must be brought before the AKP government over and over again as long as it remains in negotiation for EU membership.