absolute prerequisite

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This is an absolute prerequisite for the restoration of social trust and strengthening of social unity, the Head of State emphasized.
Madness (of the particularly nice/romantic kind) is an absolute prerequisite to a happy and successful life.
Gruender agreed, and went one step further, reasoning that, by extension, the logic of Park established a negligence standard as an absolute prerequisite to imposing a sentence of imprisonment under the FDCA.
With our trilingual curriculum we are able to accommodate the incredibly high expectations of both local residents and international expatriates for whom educational excellence from early childhood is an absolute prerequisite," said Kamil Najjar, Co-Founder and CEO, Kids First Group.
Islamabad -- Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has called for new delimitations of the electoral constituencies before the next general elections as an absolute prerequisite to ensure the right of people to equal representation as well as distribution of political power among various geographical regions in proportion to their population, says FAFEN statement on Thursday.
The one point that is always consistent is compliance to cGMP standards--it is an absolute prerequisite, no matter what molecule type or when the drug is going to be administered into people.
He became convinced that an Asian rendezvous was an absolute prerequisite.
Good strikers are at a premium in the Championship and signing goalscorers will be an absolute prerequisite for us this summer.
Merry Christmas - Nadolig Llawen GETTING your hair in tip-top condition is an absolute prerequisite for the festive season.
The study said it was an absolute prerequisite for the design of a prospective framework to set a fiscal regime appropriately -- as this is the first step to attract investors and ensure a sustainable and sound development of the resource sector.
At the same time, Fortnum possessed extraordinarily good judgement and that absolute prerequisite of all the best collectors, the luck of the devil.