absolute reality

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He added: "By basing new officers in the Midlands and the North, it allows us to make that an absolute reality.
Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) and realize in all truth and humility that "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30) and Atman, the universal Self, is Brahman, Absolute Reality (Upanishads).
After the initial song The Alarm ran through the band's extensive catalogue of hits including Absolute Reality, Ground Zero, Deeside - recently released as Teeside to suppoort steel workers in the area - and Blaze of Glory.
Those who try to make Turkey accept things like genocide, that by no means took place, as if it is an absolute reality, are working in vain," Erdoy-an said.
But, after it gained popularity and made producers rich because it was so inexpensive to whip up, absolute reality slowly gave way to a more "managed" and "shaped" variety.
For only if there is an Absolute Reality, whom believers call God, is it possible for Man authentically to experience an absolute demand being placed on his entire existence.
Everybody has their own absolute reality, and absolute belief," said Wolff.
This is an absolute reality of history beyond all doubt, truth above everything.
Tender, touching and horrifying - it has the absolute reality that comes from a child going missing - however hard it may be to watch.
One noteworthy distinction among them was their anticipation of the coming Avatar or Christos in 1928, when they believed that the Avatar as manifestation of absolute reality would descend from the astral plane into our space and time.
6) So we, along with this world of imagination, are not "an autonomous reality independent of the Absolute Reality.