absolute requisite

See: necessity
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Whether or not the Astana talks are disintegrating does not remove the absolute requisite for the end of political charades and a meaningful effort to end the crises that beset the country.
It might sound cliche but peace is an absolute requisite for both - India's grand economic plans, and Pakistan's quest towards faster development.
Popup blinds have a side benefit if a young or novice hunter is being brought along in that stillness is not as such an absolute requisite.
Nonetheless, top-caliber front-line managers are an absolute requisite for operational excellence, even more important than making certain that well-trained, competent agents represent the company.
Among many other things, he said: "For us reform is an absolute requisite for the advancement of the country and its people regardless where the opposition is coming from or from where the external pressure is being applied".
The poem, `Manifesto', contains the clearest possible expression of anal eroticism, surely autobiographical, and it is an inescapable element in the relationship between Will and Anna in The Rainbow where it is presented as an absolute requisite for the perfect physical relationship, signifying complete acceptance of the `other'.
Consider the number of tasks and projects, the large geographical area covered, the heterogeneity of the resource pool, and the tight budgetary limitations that characterize public-sector work, and it quickly becomes apparent that highly efficient project management is an absolute requisite if NYSDOT is to deliver optimal service to its citizens.
The plant is laid-out and managed for optimum flexibility, which is an absolute requisite for working successfully with so many different clients with different roasting, blending, and packaging demands.
Because safety and reliability are absolute requisites for NPPs, SGs demand especially high design and manufacturing capability in addition to safety and reliability - requiring 1/100 millimeter level processing accuracy for the over 300 tons huge structure.