absolute right

See: birthright
References in classic literature ?
Yet absolute right is the first governor; or, every government is an impure theocracy.
As to the minor priests and acolytes of that temple, the result of all this was that they stood divided into two classes, and, down to the junior messenger, either believed in the Circumlocution Office as a heaven-born institution that had an absolute right to do whatever it liked; or took refuge in total infidelity, and considered it a flagrant nuisance.
It's pretty generally understood that men don't aspire after the absolute right, but only to do about as well as the rest of the world.
And he added, There are some things the press seems to think they have an absolute right to [that] they dont have an absolute right to.
The scholars' advisory opinions focused on the virtues and vices, and not the act of driving itself, which is an absolute right which no one should be deprived of.
It is necessary for the communities to have the absolute right to dispose of lands outside their settlements.
Chandrasekhar said he is glad that the apex court has upheld the Right to Privacy as "a fundamental right", even when few bureaucrats and the system insisted that the state had an absolute right and a private companies had no obligation using the data of consumers.
But yesterday he tweeted: "As president I wanted to share with Russia, which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety.
The advisory vote to leave the EU does not automatically give any government the absolute right to conduct itself in total secret.
Jumblatt noted that the delay in government formation is due to local considerations rather than regional, stressing that disadvantaged sides have the absolute right to proclaim their rights.
The petitioners contended that the fundamental right of freedom of speech was not an absolute right and it was subject to security,integrity and public order.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Spokesman of Parliament Steering Body Behrouz Nemati says regaining its former quota in the world crude markets is Iran's absolute right.