absolute ruler

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Imam Sadiq (PBUH) narrated: Allah ordered, by revelation, one of the prophets to go to the absolute ruler of that kingdom and say to him: I have not appointed you for shedding their blood and seizing their property.
He was replaced by his halfbrother Salman as the absolute ruler of the world's top oil exporter and the spiritual home of Islam.
Or is it that the corrupt absolute ruler of Western Gottika may be scouting the city for teenage girls to kidnap?
Deadlines for presidential and legislative elections were missed time and again while Abbas consolidated his grip over the West Bank and Hamas became the absolute ruler in Gaza.
But he also complained that he was unlikely to receive a fair trial in Iran: "The only court in which there is not even a small amount of injustice is divine justice because we are all Muslims and the absolute ruler is God.
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In 2003, after the establishment of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), where Paul Bremer was the absolute ruler, Iran sent to Baghdad a delegation from the Foreign Ministry and the Revolutionary Guard to congratulate the CPA - which was drafted in American ink without ignoring 'Iran's friends.
The Tsars always argued that their country's uniqueness demanded a distinctive form of government, with the Tsar himself as absolute ruler of the Russian state, put there by God, and not subject to any limitation of his powers, with a firm belief that autocracy was essential if Russia were to exist as a single, totally unified country.
Absolute ruler King Abdullah on Sunday announced the change from the current Saturday to Wednesday working week, following about six years of negotiations, with the move set to come into effect almost immediately.
This period of civil strife lasted, intermittently, for about a century until the start of the Principate or Empire, when Augustus changed the rules by designating himself absolute ruler as princeps or 'first citizen', retaining only the shell of Republican institutions, including the Magistracies and Senate.
His subjects include nearly everything you wanted to know (and didn't want to know) about the church, including the difference between bishops and priests, the pope as an absolute ruler, and types of nuns.
Judith Coyne Tesco pledges to pursue Huddersfield store plans despite fall in profits I swear Tesco won''t be satisfied until the market has appointed them absolute ruler of all of this island.