absolute ruler

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The same applies to the supreme leader, who, despite his title, is not an absolute ruler.
Absolute ruler King Abdullah on Sunday announced the change from the current Saturday to Wednesday working week, following about six years of negotiations, with the move set to come into effect almost immediately.
Unlike in the first millennium and never acknowledged in the apostolic churches of the East, the pope since then has acted as the absolute ruler, lawgiver and judge of Christianity--until today.
Judith Coyne Tesco pledges to pursue Huddersfield store plans despite fall in profits I swear Tesco won''t be satisfied until the market has appointed them absolute ruler of all of this island.
Such traditional theology described a Supreme Being as an absolute Ruler, controlling all events in human history.
It was an epic downfall, with the once absolute ruler reduced to a caged invalid, a scene unthinkable before the January 25 revolution when the mere mention of his health could land an editor in jail.
The trip comes as China's leadership has been trying - so far unsuccessfully - to persuade North Korea's absolute ruler to reform his country's moribund economy and return to negotiations on ending its nuclear weapons program.
Klaus, who has been labeled by prominent psychologists as a pathologically flawed narcissist, views himself as a post-communist absolute ruler, pronouncing that "judges usurp the power which legitimately belongs in democracies to politicians.
For the Taj is almost impossible to unravel from its 'careers'--as Mr Tillotson dubs them--as a symbol of the exotic, of all things luxurious and expensive from jewellery to golf courses, of practically anything Indian from tea bags to hotel chains, and indeed of democratic India itself, despite having been built by an absolute ruler three centuries before the Indian boundaries of today existed.
On 17 November 1950, at the age of fifteen, he was enthroned as Tibet's absolute ruler.
He was the absolute ruler, he had absolute control so what was the impediment in his way to fight militancy and terrorism".
As long as Saddam was in the court, other defendants behaved as though he were still Iraq's absolute ruler, showing fealty to him as he entered and left the dock, and following his lead in making political speeches damning the American "occupation" and urging on the insurgents who have turned the country into a charnel house of violence.