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Curvature maps (combined with an absolute scale) can be used to produce difference maps, which allow for monitoring of a disease process over time, or for assessing the effect of surgical intervention (see Figure 5).
A key point is that the new evidence measure can be calibrated on an absolute scale (like Kelvin's temperature), so that new data (from more coin flipping) can adjust the evidence plot in a consistent way.
Decision-makers weigh objectives and alternatives on a relative scale, rather than against an absolute scale. That derives more meaningful and consistent priorities.
Also, the weapons that may soon be at Ahmadinejad's disposal are more destructive, on an absolute scale, than anything in Hitler's hands.
While these numbers are lukewarm on an absolute scale, they are very good for an AV receiver in this price range.
The PT 880 accepts absolute scale inputs in addition to either 11uApp or 1 Vpp inputs.
The project includes: 850 new route sheets at an absolute scale of 1:5,000; integrated Spatial Analysis Techniques (ISAT) pipeline database in Oracle; and licensing of PipeView and SheetGen to maintain the ISAT data model and to generate new route sheets.