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Measurement of statistical evidence on an absolute scale following thermodynamic principles.
The project includes: 850 new route sheets at an absolute scale of 1:5,000; integrated Spatial Analysis Techniques (ISAT) pipeline database in Oracle; and licensing of PipeView and SheetGen to maintain the ISAT data model and to generate new route sheets.
Cutoff Failures Nonfailures Percentile Cutoff Point 1989-93 1989-93 Absolute Scale -- 0 231 51 -- 1.
Finally, since relative grading (grading on a curve) is antithetical to cooperation as well as to striving for true excellence, students in the project are graded on an absolute scale.
Thus, Griffin's goal is not to justify a whole set of beliefs, but to discover a restricted set of highly reliable beliefs--"either high relative to other beliefs or high on some absolute scale of security of beliefs" (p.
We still want to know the quality of the developments coming before us on an absolute scale,'' Frields said.