Clear Title

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Clear Title

Unencumbered or unrestricted legal ownership that is free from doubt as to its validity.

The phrase implies that ownership is not subject to claims by anyone but the person holding title. It is also called marketable title, or title that can be easily transferred or sold because of its lack of encumbrances.

clear title

n. holding ownership of real property without any claims by others on the owner's title and no history of past claims which might affect the ownership. (See: cloud on title)

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If the evidence of the transfer to your mother is not strong enough to enable the Land Registry to grant absolute title your mother may end up with "possessory" title, but after a certain number of years this can be upgraded.
Legal framework for the ownership or possession of land and general prohibition on foreign holding of absolute title
from the interested owners builders having dear and absolute title for sae of their land .
I was very relieved to win the absolute title after the disappointment of losing my weight class," said Vieira, who was the winner of the 92kg category at the inaugural world championship in the capital in 2009.
One, what began as inalienable property held under the concept of stewardship is suddenly transformed into absolute title where the owner is free to sell the property, indeed even to a buyer outside his IP community.
If a king wanted to confer absolute title on a private land, he thus had to purchase it first (p.
The Land Registry cannot grant an absolute title for the risk of the rightful owners proving to the Land Registry that they are the rightful owners.
It was Almeida's first WPJJC absolute title and he said: "This is the third time we faced each other, he beat me the first time, I beat him the second and now I am feeling great with this win.
I have lived in 27 countries - not just the UK - and only in Cyprus is there no absolute title with property ownership.
The winner will receive absolute title to the property free of any mortgage, charge or any other encumbrance.
The reason that it is not absolute appears to be that the ground floor shop does not have an absolute title.
In 1985 the Inuvialuit land settlement approved by government was described as "the first in Canada to include land ownership, both surface and subsurface, in fee simple absolute title, including the beds of water bodies.