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Temperatures close to absolute zero have been achieved in laboratories on Earth before, but never as cold as what CAL is being designed for.
Greenpeace climate director Steve Sawyer complained, "What we've come up with is absolute zero, absolutely nothing.
Where child molestation is concerned, we must have absolute zero tolerance from everyone.
In other words, absolute zero is a singularity and one can indeed go infinitely down and down in temperature without ever reaching it.
But even if you succeed in holding expense growth to absolute zero, if the price of the insurance product falls, the expense ratio rises," Coyne said.
But its newest title, Absolute Zero, may turn out to be the company's signature product--and Diamond Multimedia is helping to propel it.
If the law held for all temperatures, a gas must shrink to zero volume at -273[degrees]C, which would be an absolute zero.
And yesterday he said that record levels of passenger growth on buses had made it possible to have an absolute zero increase.
Schneider's substance--a gas consisting of about 100,000 potassium atoms--reached a temperature below absolute zero, about -0.
Lead author Chen-Lung Hung, PhD '11, now at the California Institute of Technology said that under certain conditions, a cloud of atoms chilled to a billionth of a degree above absolute zero (-459.
And we heard Superintendent Gillian MacDonald tell officers before kick-off: "There is an absolute zero tolerance policy in relation to sectarian behaviour.
The BMA doubts whether an absolute zero would be enforceable and acceptable to the public but argues that a 50mg level, which would bring the UK into line with many other European countries, would be effective and beneficial.