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That kind of slowing lowers the temperature of the atoms to about a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, which is about 470 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
A founder of thermodynamics--the study of the relationship between heat and work--he gave this fundamental science its name and established the existence of an absolute zero of temperature.
The company has an inventory in excess of two billion components and offers its ABZED[TM] ABsolute ZEro Defect guarantee.
The lowest temperature possible, absolute zero, is -459.67[degrees]F (-273.15[degrees]C), or 0 kelvin.
Until last year, he maintained a nearly perfect voting record according to National Right to Life, and scored an absolute zero in the vote tally kept by the National Abortion Rights Action League.
Asymptote and Finnish painter and video artist Osmo Rauhala built the snow structure Absolute Zero in Kemi.
Greenpeace climate director Steve Sawyer complained, "What we've come up with is absolute zero, absolutely nothing." The head of an alliance of European green groups proclaimed, "We barely kept our heads above water."
It is well justified to delete the attribute "seemingly" because the Third Law of Thermodynamics, enunciated by Nernst in 1906 (19), implies the unattainability of absolute zero. In other words, absolute zero is a singularity and one can indeed go infinitely down and down in temperature without ever reaching it.
"But even if you succeed in holding expense growth to absolute zero, if the price of the insurance product falls, the expense ratio rises," Coyne said.
But its newest title, Absolute Zero, may turn out to be the company's signature product--and Diamond Multimedia is helping to propel it.
If the law held for all temperatures, a gas must shrink to zero volume at -273[degrees]C, which would be an absolute zero. This would be true, however, only if gases remained gases as the temperature decreased, and whether this was so or not was not known.
The start-up kiutra is the first company in the world to have succeeded in developing a permanent magnetic cooling system to reach temperatures close to absolute zero. Such temperatures are, for example, required for the operation of quantum computers.