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Hence we handle our Model Relationship as a plain correlation between two concrete POVs, where: the Relativistic POV plays the Observer, and calculates by the Target view he applies on the other Object; the other Object plays the Target, and works by the Absolutistic POV it has on board (this reproduces the familiar idea of the Proper, and of the Proper Parameters of an Object).
For example, items like "I am worthless without a child" that measured Negative Self Rating and others like "It would be unbearable to act assertively in front of men" that measured Low Frustration Tolerance, still reflected the underlying rigid, absolutistic demand that it "must" or "should" happen.
This dogma stemmed from Adam Smith's teachings, although he never stated it in an unqualified absolutistic manner.
And Gruevski no longer knows how to rule but in an absolutistic manner.
Therefore, it is clear that even despite the absolutistic rule of VMRO-DPMNE, the dead political dialogue needs to be resumed in Macedonia, says Kramarska.
Let us have a look at what a Christian theologian Kuschel writes about how three "Abraham's" religions relate to tolerance: "It has to be said to all, especially to the Christians who cherish and raise their cliches on intolerance of Islam: it goes without saying that there have been absolutistic and exclusive explications in the history of the Islamic theology.
Under this new leadership, a different denominational culture has emerged, one that is creedalistic, rationalistic, absolutistic, legalistic, and separatistic.
These simplistic, absolutistic, and negative biases in human meaning making are readily challengeable psychotherapeutically.
The discourse of "evil" is totalizing and absolutistic, allowing no ambiguities or contradictions.
Characteristic of these problematic beliefs are dogmatic and absolutistic expectations that the world should, must, or ought to be other than what it is.
Whilst a number of scholars translate paramartha both as the 'supreme goal' and 'the absolute', Nayak is very cautious about using the latter translation; he, instead, renders paramartha as the 'highest good' and comes to the conclusion that "The Sunyata philosophy of Nagarjuna and Candrakirti is critical philosophy par excellence and this should in no case be utilised for the purpose of establishing a metaphysical doctrine of the absolutistic, monistic, the transcendentalist or of any other type for that matter "(NCP, p.