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Many clients who struggle with compulsive masturbation initially expect to completely eliminate masturbation, a goal that is informed in part by a morally absolutistic, black-and-white view of masturbation.
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is active-directive, but is also unusually post-modernistic and constructivist in that it specializes in showing clients how their conscious and unconscious absolutistic philosophies lead to much of their dysfunctional feelings and behaviours, and what they can do to make themselves more open-minded and flexible in their intra-personal and interpersonal relationships (Ellis 1998).
In general, while the authors criticize (philosophical) bioethics for its (excessive) analytic, universalistic, absolutistic, and individualistic orientations, it seems more likely that the problems come from a perceived dogmatism, lack of humility, and insensitivity to social circumstances in bioethical deliberations by philosophers.
And Gruevski no longer knows how to rule but in an absolutistic manner.
Therefore, it is clear that even despite the absolutistic rule of VMRO-DPMNE, the dead political dialogue needs to be resumed in Macedonia, says Kramarska.
Let us have a look at what a Christian theologian Kuschel writes about how three "Abraham's" religions relate to tolerance: "It has to be said to all, especially to the Christians who cherish and raise their cliches on intolerance of Islam: it goes without saying that there have been absolutistic and exclusive explications in the history of the Islamic theology.
edu/archives/surn2010/entries/paternalism ("Kantian views are frequently absolutistic in their objections to paternalism.
The discourse of "evil" is totalizing and absolutistic, allowing no ambiguities or contradictions.
He shows how REBT is compatible with some important religious views and can be used effectively with many clients who have absolutistic beliefs about God and religion.
Fleming and Robinson discuss how CBT can be useful in assisting clients in challenging their "extreme, absolutistic views (e.
But in the midst of relative abundance, absolutistic idealists suffer the agonies of famine.
54) Muslims, who adhere to similar absolutistic claims made by Islam, will hardly accept these declarations as binding truth for themselves.