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Neil Tenefrancia in a bulletin said, the "Faculty to Absolve the Grave Sin of Abortion" excludes newly ordained priests in the diocese.
ABSOLVE YOURSELF Allow yourself one "fakeaway" a week - that's a supermarket version which shows the calorie content.
law-enforcement agencies of pointing the finger at bin Laden to absolve themselves of the failure in their intelligence work.
The jury can absolve Cook of murder or manslaughter only if it finds that the failure to obtain a transfusion was the sole cause of her death, prosecutor Mr Larry Larson said in his opening statement at the court in Pomona.
The court noted that the fact that prior remediation ordered by the EPA overlapped with state regulatory requirements would not absolve defendants from liability under CERCLA for their disposal of hazardous waste at the landfill.
The media resignation in the face of trying to alter such behavior reveals how thoroughly society has colluded with such men to absolve them of any responsibility for their criminal behavior.
However, when the rental group involves adults, and adventure activities are planned, I've also seen the use of releases (hold harmless clauses) that absolve the camp, its agents and employees from liability.
'I trust that the clearance would also absolve any fishermen or groups of fishermen from any liability for assisting us in the said trip except if, during the trip, they perform prohibited acts contrary to established maritime laws which your office strictly oversees,' the former Marine officer said.
"Please be informed that the Bishop has granted to all priests active in the diocese the 'Faculty to Absolve the Grave Sin of Abortion' starting today until Easter Sunday this year," Father Neil Tenefrancia, chancellor of the Borongan diocese, said in a Bulletin dated March 21 addressed to all priests.
The court ordered the execution to be carried out in front of the victim's blood kins who refused to absolve the killer.
But what is needed right now is for the sites' operators to accept they cannot absolve themselves from responsibility for what appears on their pages.
THE Centre will have to justify before the Supreme Court its decision to absolve Russian suppliers of any civil liability in case of an accident in the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.