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Because," replied the father, "to absolve you for that motive would be a sin for which the king would never absolve me, my lord.
Whilst we absolve the association from dishonesty, we cannot extend the same charity to their leaders.
Yes, Father," laughed the great fellow, "for the sake of Holy Church I did indeed confiscate that temptation completely, and if you must needs have proof in order to absolve me from my sins, come with me now and you shall sample the excellent discrimination which the Bishop of Norwich displays in the selection of his temptations.
But I may also neglect this reflex standard and absolve me to myself.
Well, sir," answered Benjamin, "I am that Partridge; but I here absolve you from all filial duty, for I do assure you, you are no son of mine.
It is I that absolve you from an engagement which is impossible in our present misery.
Wine in, wit out, she repeated to herself; but the phrase could not absolve the man who had slept by her side, and to whom she had consecrated herself.
returned his wife looking up into his flushed face, while a bright blush suffused her own sweet countenance; "you may receive my vows, but surely you can have no power to absolve me from their observance
I've thought before of asking him to absolve me from my promise, but I've not had the courage to determine on it.