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All three have submitted appeals to the SFA for wrongful dismissal, believing that video evidence absolves them of blame for their red cards last weekend.
When a political hack absolves them with a stroke of the pen.
Such a recent demise practically absolves post-ice age global warming as the cause of die-offs among these mammals and could undermine climate change as the trigger for extinctions throughout the Western Hemisphere since the last ice age ended some 10,000 years ago.
It is not clear to me how that point absolves clinicians from providing data to support their views, particularly when their views conflict with existing data.
But somehow it seems a little more embarrassing for a priest who, let's say, absolves someone of their "fish" (pescados) instead of their "sins" (pecados).
Another important measure is making sure that the people who do temporary work at your building--general contractors, maintenance personnel, etc.--sign a certificate of insurance that absolves you of responsibility should they have an accident on the job.
In The New Republic, Pipes wrote that while Solzhenitsyn is too eager to exonerate czarist Russia of mistreating its Jewish subjects, and as a consequence is sometimes insensitive to the latter's predicament, "at least he absolves himself of the taint of anti-Semitism."