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007 Sample Absorbed Dose Rate Equivalent Dose Rate Description ([nGyhr.
cGy = centigray, the International System of Units (SI) unit of absorbed dose.
These measurements, however, are based on measuring the absorbed dose in a cylindrical acrylic phantom with a 10-cm pencil ion chamber in the phantom's center hole and again in one of the phantom's peripheral holes.
Further, a high absorbed dose is required to generate a satisfactory level of crosslinking in the NR phase (28) due to its high unsaturation in the backbone.
Each of the 207 women in the study group wore six optically stimulated luminescent dosimeters -- a device used to measure an absorbed dose of ionizing radiation -- while undergoing two-view screening mammography.
The irradiation-temperature coefficient for a dosimetry system is derived from the dosimeter's radiation response to the absorbed dose and the irradiation temperature.
The milligray, on the other hand, is the unit of absorbed dose, or energy deposited in a tissue, and is related to biological effects.
For most people, absorbed dose equal to 100 ram causes acute vomiting and fatigue are.
He discusses how to select one agent over another based on results from in vitro and animal studies; absorbed dose estimation, measurement, and determination functions; the determination of activity in vivo; modeling and temporal integration; absorbed dose estimates with and without clinical correlations; multiple modality therapy of tumors; and the correlation between animal and human biodistributions and kinetics.
Although radiation can cause damage to living tissues, human cells however can repair the damage through natural metabolic processes if the absorbed dose is not high.
A Federal Register notice, first filed on May 9, 2003, states that this petition proposes that the food-additive regulations on Irradiation in the Production, Processing and Handling of Food (21 CFR Part 179) be amended to provide for the safe use of ionizing radiation for the control of microbial contamination on dietary supplements and ingredients used in the manufacture of dietary supplements, up to a maximum absorbed dose of 30 kGy.
In the US a minimum absorbed dose of 150 Gy is allowed for any fruit against any tephritid fruit fly (APHIS 2006).