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Compared to a dry creped tissue grade of the same basis weight, a TAD product will be 15 to 75% bulkier, have much better absorbency, and have excellent softness.
Therefore, the exfoliated PSA/HT nanocomposite superabsorbents with excellent compatibility are expected to show significantly improved water (salt) absorbency and absorption rate.
Parents told us they wanted a trimmer diaper that offered exceptional absorbency and leakage protection," said Dudley Lehman, president of K-C's Infant Care Sector.
TAD fabrics have always offered the papermaker the opportunity to emboss the sheet with a unique look and functional absorbency properties.
non-food absorbency interests of Sealed Air Corporation.
Considerable interests have been drawn and many efforts have been made by lots of groups to modify properties including equilibrium water absorbency, swelling rate, and hydrogel strength of superabsorbents [5-8].
T 558 "Surface Wettability and Absorbency of Sheeted Materials Using an Automated Contact Angle Tester"
In addition, the Dry Comfort [TM] Pad offers a full line of absorbency levels.
Two new high-performance uv absorbers: Cyasorb UV-1164 hydroxytriazine with low volatility and good solubility in most polymers provides strong absorbency in both the UV-A and U]V-B regions; and Cyasorb UV-3638 benzoxazinone with very strong absorbency in the UV-A and IJV-B regions is extremely low in volatility and.
By leveraging its expertise in fibers, nonwovens and absorbency technologies, Kimberly-Clark is also launching a new Poise incontinence pad and improvements to Kotex feminine pads, Huggies diapers, Pull-Ups training pants and GoodNites disposable underpants.
In his lecture he will speak about specialty fibers with increased water absorbency and the completely new possibility to produce viscose fibers with reduced water absorbency or even water repellence.