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The values of absorbency time of the fabric for various yarn counts are given in Table 2.
The degree of absorbency is determined by the amount of polymer used in the core, while the substrate performance characteristics can be enhanced by the use of alternative materials with select basis weights.
Place the cuvette into the spectrophotometer and read the absorbency at 490 nm (Note: make sure finger prints are not on the transparent sides of the cuvette and the cuvette is properly oriented in the holder) (Fig.
To understand more about the finished samples, other parameters such as whiteness index and absorbency were also studied.
The present study seeks to evaluate the impact of using leachate on iron absorbency in the soil under the drop like irrigation.
RepHresh Brilliant Tampons have been clinically proven to reduce vaginal pH to a normal range while providing excellent leak protection and absorbency.
The mats allow personnel to contain fluids with superior absorbency, retention and durability.
Public concern counts for nothing and knowing a referendum would reject continued EU absorbency, there isn't a cat in hell's chance of there being one.
MADE from three panels of high-quality cotton with added padding in the centre for extra absorbency.
They meet all lab requirements for cleanliness, softness, absorbency, and strength, and they absorb six times their own weight of both solvents and aqueous solutions.