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Nevertheless, viewing absorbent product as a solution to incontinence can be a negative factor in providing good resident care.
China's Grease&Oil Absorbent Production, Capacity and Demand
Shields and Absorbent Pads: Disposable shields, or absorbent pads, are similar in appearance to sanitary napkins, often with an adhesive strip that attaches to underwear.
Polymer Absorbents and Adsorbents, Including SAPs and Polymer Gels
Initial results of the largest demonstration to date of the Super Absorbent Company's (SAC) revolutionary soil input product validate the power of MagnaVerno[TM] to increase growers' yield, significantly reduce costs of water, fertilizer, and labor, and thereby enhance grower profits.
CONTACT: Charles (Chuck) Tait of International Absorbents Inc.
Compelling demonstration site results and industry receptivity to our product line have fueled sales both in the United States and Mexico," acknowledges Phillip Berlin, CEO of Super Absorbent Company (SAC), manufacturer and marketer of soil input products that increase crop yield and increase grower profits.
Nasdaq: ACOL) today announced an agreement for approximately one- third of the additional absorbent polymer production from its newly expanded United Kingdom-based Chemdal facility.
Phillip Berlin, CEO, and Mark Sinkinson, president, have set a new course for the Super Absorbent Company (www.
An absorbent belted-article comprising an absorbent pad and a separate belt to which the absorbent pad is detachably attached and which is to be placed around the waist of a wearer to hold the absorbent pad when the belted-article is being worn, wherein the absorbent pad includes a chassis which comprises a liquid-permeable top sheet and a liquid-impermeable back sheet oriented away from the wearer and an absorbent core between the top sheet and the back sheet, and wherein the absorbent pad is detachably attached to the belt by an attaching arrangement, wherein the difference in kinetic coefficients of friction between the back sheet of the absorbent pad and an outwardly oriented surface of the belt is 0.
Engaged in the development and manufacture of proprietary, cost-effective absorbent products, International Absorbents is dedicated to producing environmentally safe, non-toxic, lightweight products that are utilized in a broad range of industries and applications.