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9,757,283 Absorbent Articles and Securement Means: Daniel B.
Nevertheless, viewing absorbent product as a solution to incontinence can be a negative factor in providing good resident care.
An adhesive absorbent dressing comprising an absorbent nonwoven and a protective substrate that is impermeable to fluids, but permeable to water vapor, characterized in that: the substrate is formed by assembling a continuous film and an openwork reinforcement that is coated, on at least one of its faces, with adhesive silicone gel without blocking the openings in the reinforcement, said reinforcement covering the entire surface of the film, in that said dressing also comprises a non-absorbent web and a complementary nonwoven which are secured to one another along their periphery while encasing said absorbent nonwoven without being secured at any point to the latter, and in that said non-absorbent web adheres to the adhesive silicone gel that is coated onto said reinforcement.
Shields and Absorbent Pads: Disposable shields, or absorbent pads, are similar in appearance to sanitary napkins, often with an adhesive strip that attaches to underwear.
An absorbent member comprising a unitary wetlaid absorbent fibrous layer comprising cellulose fibers, said absorbent layer having a first surface, a second surface, a length extending in an X-direction, a width extending in a Y-direction, and a Z-direction thickness, wherein the thickness of the absorbent fibrous layer can be divided into a range of distances measured through its thickness from 0% at its first surface to 100% of the distance through its thickness at its second surface, wherein said cellulose fibers are distributed throughout the thickness of said absorbent fibrous layer, and the length and width of the absorbent fibrous layer define an area, wherein at least a 72x7.
Absorbent Article Having Spaced Narrow Width Sections: Hirotomo Mukai, Kanonji, Japan; Akiyoshi Kinoshita, Kanonji, Japan; Tomoko Tsuji, Kanonji, Japan; Norihiko Ishikawa, Kanonji, Japan; and Tatsuya Hashimoto, Kanonji, Japan.