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The company offers free shock absorber checks but motorists can detect problems themselves by simply pushing down sharply the vehicle corners and if the bodywork bounces the shocker beneath needs replacing.
The benzotriazole type of UV absorbers is estimated to be the largest type segment of the UV absorbers market, in terms of both value and volume.
Numerical models of the absorbers and reference system placed between the I-beam with a large width of the flange (120 HEM) and thus receive all the degrees of freedom of the two opposite sides of the panel.
UAE-based Masdar Institute, a research-driven university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, has developed a high-performance solar absorber that could make solar thermal technologies significantly more efficient and affordable in the country.
Potential licensees in the shock absorber accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Shock Latch on a worldwide basis.
By converting more of the solar energy that reaches the earth's surface into heat in a low-cost way, the solar absorber can help make sustainable technologies that rely on solar heat, like solar thermal technologies, more efficient and affordable, the Masdar Institute said.
The sealing of monotube shock absorbers, which are primarily used in sports cars and sport utility vehicles, is said to be especially demanding.
Studies analyzing the torsion suspension dissipative elements show that 70% of them are piston hydraulic shock absorbers and 30% refer to the levertype absorbers [2, 3].
Subtracting twice the length of the absorbers leaves a working space of about 64 ft x 28 ft--sufficient to establish a reasonable quiet zone and accommodate 10-meter measurements.
Wendelin Marie Rich[8] studied ability of UV absorber to reduce fading of nylon coloured with acid dyes and concluded UV absorbers were more effective at reducing colour change on lighter shades.
As part of a new sales agreement with Paper Pak Industries (PPI), Faerch Plast, one of Europe's leading producers of plastic containers for the food industry, is now offering a new type of absorber for use in its trays for fresh meat and fish.
Ability to design metamaterials on any arbitrary substrate over a large area, in-situ, with custom electromagnetic properties will provide groundbreaking opportunities such as cloaks for large objects, absorbers or reflectors for radars and smart windows, reduced electromagnetic interference in microwave circuits, sensors and other emerging applications.