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We can see that oil-absorbing resin can complete the repeated process of absorbing and releasing oil and the recovery of oil-absorbing resin had little effect on oil absorbency.
The second UV-absorbing polymer comprises a U\'-13 absorbing moiety.
A KPMG study lists Bulgaria the worst among 10 EU member states in terms of contracting and absorbing European funds, 2007-11.
Bombardier's Ron Dysievick, general manager at the Thunder Bay plant, says such a train would include features such as shock absorbing bumpers similar to that of an automobile.
Tissue grows over the device, sealing the hole and absorbing the collagen.
The low energy neutron MicroMegas detector is optimized for performance at the SNS as an upstream beam monitor by absorbing 10% or less of the neutrons while minimizing scattering effects that might disturb the beam [7].
1503-2(d)(3)(i)(B) confirms this concept, stating that a parent's basis in a member's stock is not reduced in a subsequent tax year as a result of the consolidated group absorbing a DCL carried forward from a prior year (i.
com] engineers have discovered that combining an energy absorbing steering column, collapsible knee bolster and an energy absorbing pedal structure into a single unit lets them: [1] improve occupant kinematics in a crash to the extent they can significantly reduce lower extremity injuries, and [2] reduce vehicle assembly time while improving quality.