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Har-ar-umph.'" The vividly stylized art perfectly complements the ancient legend, in this absorbingly beautiful, highly recommended children's picturebook.
Writing in the second person, King shows readers how different performance contexts demand critical subtlety as well, and she absorbingly if hypothetically contrasts productions of Cymbeline at White Hall and the Globe.
And, most absorbingly, Proust's various statements about sex in conversation and correspondence.
John Toner twice tested keeper Smith from long range as the game swung absorbingly from end to end but the closest thing to a goal came on the hour mark when Marc Limbert cleverly chipped Doherty from outside the box only to see the ball hit the top of the crossbar and drop behind for a goal kick.
This is an important, intelligent, absorbingly well-written account by a historian who clearly understands that "memory is a game of continual reconstruction, and that each generation gets to play".
IT IS disappointing that anyone should find himself angry this Tuesday morning, after a Goodwood week that was absorbingly glorious.
[L]ove does not work absorbingly. A Godhead which annihilates all the reality beside itself is power but never has the good will.
Whatever failures and set backs he may have encountered in his life time, he is indeed fortunate to be handed down to posterity after his death by such an intensely sympathetic, understanding and absorbingly interesting portrait as you have drawn.
This is not the place for thinking through the complexities and challenging the particularities of this absorbingly meditative and often brilliant book.
One of the greatest pleasures was hearing the piano-vocal score played through so absorbingly by the production's music director, Raisa Nakhmanovich, together with Eugenia Yesmanovich on a second piano.
According to Merriam-Webster.com, involved is defined as "to engage as a participant <workers involved in building a house>; to oblige to take part <right of Congress to involve the nation in war>; or to occupy (as oneself) absorbingly; especially: to commit (as oneself) emotionally <was involved with a married man>."
She is rendered keenly, absorbingly, from the outside in, with an intimacy that stirs and unsettles.