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This is not the place for thinking through the complexities and challenging the particularities of this absorbingly meditative and often brilliant book.
One of the greatest pleasures was hearing the piano-vocal score played through so absorbingly by the production's music director, Raisa Nakhmanovich, together with Eugenia Yesmanovich on a second piano.
BECAUSE THEY make them so absorbingly personal, you buy the sting movie contrivances of ``Criminal.
She is rendered keenly, absorbingly, from the outside in, with an intimacy that stirs and unsettles.
The most salient aspect of the imagination's opacity in the last plays is its consistent investigation of the reality of mental life, its evocation of an absorbingly staged drama of the mind even as--or perhaps because--the plays readily attempt to achieve certainty in the midst of discrepancies between surfaces and secrets, and the affective sources of action.
Latin American filmmakers must be resourceful, and many times they create an absorbingly idiosyncratic look at life in which human character, not special effects, governs the action.
The more time people spend on ritual and religion, the greater the need for permanent and instituted arrangements that would secure them in their removal from the mundane for the time that they engage absorbingly with spirit.
If, as is generally accepted today, Lizzie Borden was really guilty, a number of fascinating points arise and the whole affair becomes an intriguing puzzle, as well as an absorbingly interesting sociological study of certain aspects of late nineteenth-century American domestic economy -- albeit gone awry
Stephen Addae's book is absorbingly interesting and refreshingly fair; unlike the gold fields of Ashanti, one does not have to dig deep for its riches.
And someone who does not care what Hegel thought (or why) may find the "master-slave dialectic" or the "death of Art" absorbingly interesting, and insight-producing in ways that the historic Hegel never dreamed of.
An absorbingly detailed exegesis of Gayo verbal genres - ritual speech, sung duel, imaginary chronicle - constitutes the second part of the book.
In a three-decade career, David Shapiro, who turns fifty in 1997, has published eight highly experimental and absorbingly meditative books of poetry, as well as a good deal of art criticism.