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2006) in (a) aerosol absorption coefficient and (b) number concentration of CCN for populations strongly influenced by local emissions (t = 0, black dots) and for populations in which all particles had undergone atmospheric aging (t > [[tau].
Because the absorption coefficient [epsilon]([[lambda].
The results exposed in this paper regarding the capillary absorption coefficient support the hypothesis that the presence of soluble salts dissolved in water influences the wetting kinetics of porous materials, at least of brick material as it was the porous material in study.
The absorption coefficient of intralipid phantom measured in the study (Figure 8) was higher compared to those reported in the literature: 0.
i] = Surface area for the ith plenum wall Q = Directivity factor which is equals 2, 4, or 8 depending on whether the opening is at the center of the wall, a bihedral corner, or a trihedral corner respectively d = Slant distance between the inlet and exit [alpha] = Average sound absorption coefficient for the walls [[alpha]S.
The absorption coefficient ratio between blood and surrounding tissues is as high as six orders of magnitude; hence, PAT can image with nearly no background RBC-perfused vasculature, the functional vascular subset responsible for tissue oxygen supply.
Therefore, we need to find a proper source-detector spacing to measure the absorption coefficient change of the grey matter in the human brain.
The optical absorption coefficient of the photo-absorptive material at the operating laser wavelength can be further increased.
a] and I are scattering coefficient, absorption coefficient, and radiation intensity, respectively.