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A material's sound absorbing properties can be described as a sound absorption coefficient in a particular frequency range.
Second, we need reliable, synthesized data on the specific absorption coefficients of phytoplankton in the turbid water bodies, which would allow us to requantify our primary production model.
Water absorption coefficients for the sample bodies consisting of PFA were within 30%, regardless of slurry preparation conditions.
1992; Ferber and Luther, 2001); [tau] is the lifetime of conduction band free electrons; [PHI] is the light intensity; [alpha] is the light absorption coefficient of the porous electrode; and D is the electron diffusion coefficient.
This combination of internal standards were chosen because (a) SRM 676 is the 'standard' internal standard and is being certified for crystallinity, (b) the rutile internal standards have an absorption coefficient between that of the highest (magnetite) and lowest (quartz) absorbing materials in the samples and (c) different particle sizes may yield information of particle size effects on microabsorption.
The change of carbon black type at a given loading (50 phr) does not characteristically affect the acoustic absorption coefficient [[Alpha].
One material could have a higher NRC than another but be less suitable for a particular application because the absorption coefficient is lower, for instance, at 125 or 4000 Hz (which may be especially important for a particular problem).
Each spectrum in the file was identified with the compound's name and absorption coefficient.
3 carpentry III - acoustic ceilings- 860 mA real wood veneered noncombustible ceiling linings as acoustic ceiling, A2 composite according to DIN 4102, sound absorption coefficient aw> 0.