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So, it is not within the scope of this study to investigate the absorption cycle itself, but to address how to extract the most from existing absorption units (e.g., single-effect, double-effect, generator-absorber heat exchange-GAX cycle) by investigating the possibility of optimally tuning some of their external operating parameters.
During peak periods, absorption units used as an alternative to motor driven chillers beneficially changes the electric load profile by reducing the peak demand for electricity.
Many cogeneration systems use steam at approximately 800-1500 kPa (116-218 psi), e.g., hospitals and industrial applications; these are suitable for double-effect absorption units that are designed for steam at 800 kPa (116 psi) (Miguez Gomez 1993).
EGPI Firecreek Inc (OTCBB:EFIR) disclosed on Thursday that it has signed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Arctic Solar Engineering LLC (ASE), a supplier and integrator of solar thermal systems and absorption units.