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Furthermore, we explain how absorptive capacity serves as a moderator that can be used by firms to (partly) avoid the negative impact of knowledge ambiguity on knowledge acquisition.
The moderating influence of business advice and business knowledge absorptive capacity in this process was also discussed.
Based on the current data about quality (not quantity) of original publications, the ability of our graduates to solve complex socio-economic problems or make original discoveries, or direct linkages of universities with economically-sustainable sectors, the reality is that by and large our universities do not have the absorptive capacity.
We have too many obstacles in regulatory framework, in procurement processes, and in labor force regulations that restrict absorptive capacity.
While the latter features a capitalist mode of production, it is not an absorptive capitalism, at least not absorptive enough to overcome the historical speciation which divides colonizer and colonized.
"In previous years, Sudan's absorptive capacity for is quota was incomplete.
Keywords: Innovative capacity, Absorptive capacity, Past performance, Internationalization, Information technology.
Absorptive Capacity, according to Lane, Koka and Pathak (2006) is one of the most relevant constructs derived from organizational research in the past decades.
This study is intended to examine the roles of the social capital and absorptive capacity in technology-intensive firms and verify these roles in an empirical way for the purpose of improving the technology commercialization performance in technology-intensive firms.