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However, Villar said the overall goal is to keep improving in terms of absorptive capacity and put a stop to underspending.
To address this goal, we analyzed the role of past performance, absorptive capacity and internationalization on the innovative capacity of Brazilian companies.
Ejercito then placed on record that NHA has obligated 85% of its funds in 2016, contrary to claims that the agency has low absorptive capacity.
But DA's absorptive capacity would be a primary consideration, he said.
Caption: EQUIPPING YOUR WORKPLACE with highly absorptive ceiling panels and carpet can reduce echo in open plan offices.
The firms in the technological cooperation network agree that the absorptive capacity of the firms that can use the knowledge from the external sources of technological cooperation effectively are closely associated with their performance.
From the noise calculation sheet it is observed that the absorptive section with a splitter thickness--100 mm, Airway gap--50 mm, effective length--900 mm is capable of attenuating the noise to 64 dB which is on the safer side of silencer performance.
The dynamics of national innovation systems: A panel cointegration analysis of the coevolution between innovative capability and absorptive capacity.
Calcium was observed diffusedly in the absorptive cells (Figure 2D), and small quantities of lipids were present in the brush border of epithelial cells and some hepatic cells (data not shown).
Inter-organizational learning requires a company to have an absorptive capacity which is defined as "the ability of a firm to recognize the value of new, external information, assimilate it, and apply it to commercial ends" (Cohen & Levinthal, 1990, p.
2014: 328) Thus, as new knowledge is obtained via the "higher-level activities" associated with absorptive capacity, the knowledge must then be leveraged via "ordinary activities" to leverage the benefit.