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We pay specific attention to absorptive capacity, complementing its use in recent extant studies (Azadegan, 2011; Saenz et al.
Hence, it is suggested that TMT shared leadership enhances firm performance through a relationship with the knowledge-management capabilities of the firm known as absorptive capacity.
The potential reasons for this divergence in effectiveness are manifold, but our findings suggest that in situations of substantial knowledge tacitness, a higher level of procedural justice, rather than a higher level of absorptive capacity, is critical to effective transfer and adoption.
One example of knowledge transfer barrier is lack of motivation and lack of absorptive capacity on the part of knowledge receiver (Liu, 2007).
5) There is a significant relationship between structural capital and absorptive capability.
This study examines the knowledge acquisition aspect of absorptive capacity by analyzing the sources of information considered highly important for innovation as reported in the 2004 Eurostat Community Innovation Survey (2010).
Some factors have been pointed out as being more important than others in this process, including absorptive capacity, knowledge explicitness, subsidiary roles, and personnel exchange.
The transport of pure P57 across intestinal tissue was significantly higher in the secretory direction than in the absorptive direction indicating efflux by membrane transporters.
The researchers investigated covalent and absorptive reaction between super paramagnetic and bacteria cells completely and optimized important parameters related to this reaction.
The main goal of the performed measurements was to find out how thickness of monolayer absorbers affects their soundabsorbing qualities and how is possible to improve sound-absorbtion by multiplaying the absorptive layers.
In order to qualify for the grant, requesting countries must have "a high degree of economic, social and political vulnerability, the right policies in place to fight the crisis and sufficient absorptive capacity as well as a financing gap in their budgets where EU support can make a difference by closing or significantly reducing this gap.
Odorless, tasteless, non-leeching or absorptive, these chemically inert tubes are designed to handle high purity applications where high temperatures and/or corrosive applications cause extractables to outgas from plastics.