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For instance, when Planck denied the absorptivity of the surface layer and inserted only reflectivity, he made claims which were demonstrably false in the laboratory, relative to the nature of a blackbody surface.
The absorptivity of the coat was determined using the UV spectrophotometer PG Instruments 90+ with integrating sphere.
e] are molar absorptivity and concentration of epoxy group; oepa2 and [c.
Beer's law was obeyed over the range of 5-50 [micro]g/mL; high values of molar absorptivity and low values of Sandell's sensitivity and LOD revealed that proposed methods are highly sensitive.
Moreover, the four-band perfect absorptivity can be realized at THz region when the dimensions of the flower-shaped structure are reduced to micro scale.
It is shown that the absorptivity is kept well for a wide range of incident angles for different polarizations.
The wavelengths were carefully chosen such that the molar absorptivity of one component is much larger than that of the second component.
Even if the molecule has high molar absorptivity, detection down to this level is likely to be impractical using a traditional UV detector.
The absorptivity was measured by dividing [alpha] by the square of the frequency (2MHz) of the ultrasonic wave propagated into the liquid media, i.
The properties of hardened mortar mixes were described by means of the following methods: density test in accordance with the EN 1015-10:2001 (2001) standard, compression strength and flexural strength in accordance with EN 1015-11:2001/A1:2007 (2001), and absorptivity ([n.
Sterically less hindered dimetallenes 1b, 1e, 5a, 5b, and 6a show the longest wavelength band maxima at around 420 nm with relatively large absorptivity ([epsilon] > 5000); the [[lambda].