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He then immediately replaced absorptive power, A, with absorptivity, [[alpha].sub.v], such that E/[[alpha].sub.v]=f {T, v}.
For the following discussion, the emissivity spectra of our selective emitter will be calculated indirectly by obtaining its absorptivity spectra, and the emission mechanism will also be discussed from its ability of trapping light.
In this case normally incident light directly transforms into small-scale radiation; however, rather high reflection takes place (see Figure 4) which has a detrimental effect on the absorptivity of the HM layer.
It is observed that the absorptivity remains high with the incident angle up to 60[degrees] under TE polarization.
The temperature of the lunar surface at the equator (latitude 0[degrees]) ranges from 117 to -178[degrees]C owing to the absence of an atmosphere, the low thermal conductivity and capacity, and the high absorptivity and emissivity values.
TH exhibits absorption maximum at pH 7 at 246 nm with a molar absorptivity value of 15,200 [M.sup.-1] x [cm.sup.-1] and an A (1% 1 cm) value of 450 [64].
Parameter Value [[lambda].sub.max] (nm) 422 Beer's law limit ([micro]g/mL) 1-30 Molar absorptivity (L/mol/cm) 2.285 x [10.sup.4] LOD ([micro]g/mL) 0.0691 LOQ ([micro]g/mL) 0.2095 Linear regression equation (Y = a + bc) Slope (b) 0.0259 Intercept (a) -0.0133 Coefficient of determination ([r.sup.2]) 0.9992 TABLE 4: Recovery study of miconazole nitrate from pharmaceutical formulations.
In this article, the molar absorptivity and the integrated molar absorptivity of the entire series of all the observed various characteristic and new deconvoluted or separated absorption maxima and shoulders were determined.
The word grey signifies that the emissivity and absorptivity of the surface do not depend on wavelength.
Its absorptivity properties are due to their high surface area, a microporous structure and a high degree of surface reactivity.
where A is absorbance, e is molar absorptivity, b is path length of sample, and c is concentration of sample.