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In many other parliaments, including in the countries with democratic traditions centuries long, parliament members do not have the option to abstain from voting.
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Tom Blenkinsop voted for the amendment but followed his party's instructions to abstain from the Government's bill.
NCP has taken the decision to abstain from voting only because it wishes to honour the mandate of the people of Maharashtra which is in favour of the BJP.
NoFap hosts challenges in which users abstain from pornography and masturbation for a period of time.
So the council decided that the only way to end this was to abstain from sexual intercourse as a form of rebellion towards their male counterparts.
Researchers with the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Institute for Community Research studied 414 treatment-seeking smokers in the Houston metropolitan area to determine whether the density of tobacco outlets or the proximity would have an effect on ability to abstain from smoking.
Given Britain's high teenage pregnancy rate youngsters who decide to abstain from sex should be applauded.
However, it is questionable if the youths in the program will actually abstain from sexual activity.
Jones blows on a whistle around her neck to gain the students' attention and launches into her lesson plan on subliminal seduction: how teens are bombarded with images of sex every day, and how they can resist those seductions and abstain from sexual activity.
All three could find themselves in danger if Glazer votes against them and, more crucially, if other major United shareholders John Magnier and JP McManus join him or abstain from the vote.
6) Under the duty to disclose or abstain, a person in knowing possession (or "aware") of material nonpublic information must either disclose the information or abstain from trading when the other party to the transaction is entitled to know the information because of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence between them.