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The contingency management schedule typically used to reinforce abstinence has the following three key components.
Methamphetamine abstinence was documented using urine samples analyzed for metabolites of methamphetamine.
Outcomes over the treatment period were measured in several ways: (1) Total abstinence from methamphetamine was assessed by the mean number of metabolite-free urine samples provided; (2) continuous abstinence was measured as the longest period of uninterrupted abstinence as measured using urine samples (number of tests); (3) the ability to initiate abstinence from methamphetamine was defined as the mean number of tests that occurred in each condition prior to producing the first methamphetamine-negative test result; (4) the ability to protect against relapse following a period of abstinence was assessed by counting the number of participants who relapsed following a 4-week period of abstinence, which, in our opinion, is a clinically significant period of abstinence.
The main effect of schedules for producing differences in abstinence outcomes was tested using analysis of variance.