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And he went without shrinking through his abstinence from drugs, much sustained by application of the thermometer which implied the importance of his temperature, by the sense that he furnished objects for the microscope, and by learning many new words which seemed suited to the dignity of his secretions.
He certainly wished her to go willingly, but he as certainly wished her to be heartily sick of home before her visit ended; and that a little abstinence from the elegancies and luxuries of Mansfield Park would bring her mind into a sober state, and incline her to a juster estimate of the value of that home of greater permanence, and equal comfort, of which she had the offer.
This is Saturday, monsieur -- it is a day of abstinence.
So it was, as the laying season began, and when both Bashti and Agno were acutely egg-yearning after six months of abstinence, that Agno led Jerry along the taboo path through the mangroves, where they stepped from root to root above the muck that ever steamed and stank in the stagnant air where the wind never penetrated.
One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) suggests that there was no statistically significant difference between the groups in either mean total number of abstinences during treatment nor in terms of the mean longest period of continuous abstinence, F(4, 78) = 0.
Following that all remaining abstinences earned vouchers worth $10.
These observations form the conceptual basis for the contingency-management approaches to drug abuse treatment, which have proven effective at initiating clinically relevant periods of abstinence (Higgins, Alessi, & Dantona, 2002; Higgins & Silverman, 1999; Magura, Casriel, Goldsmith, Strug, & Lipton, 1988; Rawson, Huber, et al.
VBRT has proven to be successful at initiating periods of abstinence when compared to standard treatment regimens (e.