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By a 7-3 vote, the Federal Circuit struck down Alice's method claims and computer-readable media claims, holding they covered little more than abstract ideas (about escrow), which are not patent-eligible subject matter.
One, an abstract idea is not enough to make it a patentable invention.
Sky marshals are not some abstract idea to airline crew they could be the difference between their life and death.
The difficulty of "seeing yourself seeing," for Finch, is above all an existential experience of perception, and only secondarily an abstract idea that develops out of modern philosophy and art.
But of all such efforts, it was the most absurd: a new capital in inland Brazil, constructed without regard for the country's present or past; a crowdless, cultureless monument not to the nation that built it but to an abstract idea of what a great city should be.
Her goal is to help students breathe life into the abstract idea of person-in-environment.
In 2008, the Federal Circuit adopted a clear test for determining whether a claimed process is an abstract idea.
She aims to legitimize the field as an academic discipline, demonstrate research procedures and processes, and show how fashion can be treated as a material object, an abstract idea, a phenomenon, a system, a cultural value or norm, or an attitude.
Under Alice, patents are not valid if they claim an abstract idea and do not include an inventive concept.
According to a training presentation published by the USPTO, the claims in Alice were rejected as an "abstract idea" that failed to recite additional elements that amount to "significantly more" than the judicial exception preventing the patenting of abstract ideas.
The abstract idea might sound a challenge for children but too many movies treat kids as if they are stupid, rather than just young.
According to Joshua Reynolds, an effective procedure to discover that great ideal of religious unity is by observing what all major religions have in common, which, Reynolds explained, results in "an abstract idea of their forms more perfect than any one original.

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