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Results indicated that the sample scored average on 12 personality factors (Table1) Warmth (46.66%), Dominance (40%), Liveliness (48.33%), Conscientious (51.66%), Social Boldness (55%), Sensitivity (43.33%), Abstractedness (48.33%), Privateness (51.66%), Openness to Change (56.66%), Self-Reliance (53.33%), Perfectionism (43.33%) and Tension (55%).
Perceived social support mediated the relationships between 3 personality factors (Emotional Stability, Social Boldness, and Abstractedness) and college adjustment, highlighting perceived social support as a point of intervention to improve 1st-semester students' college adjustment.
On syntax and usage of the noun (135-43), discussion moves from number to abstractedness to gender (including valuable asides on the number and gender of the word "god").
On the other hand, male medical students appear to be more adaptive and mature (Emotional Stability); more forceful and assertive (Dominance); more suspicious and skeptical (Vigilance); more imaginative and idea-oriented (Abstractedness); more private and discreet (Privateness); and more solitary and individualistic (Self-Reliance) as compared to female medical students.
Among the 16 personality factors, they found that scoring low on emotional stability, reasoning, and tension, and high on abstractedness predicts high levels of intrusion, hyperarousal, and overall PTSD symptoms reported.
* Number of changing lines and five factors: Factor A (Warmth), C (Emotional Stability), M (Abstractedness), [Q.sub.2] (Self-Reliance), and EX (Extraversion).
These raises en abime are explicit in the draft: Just as the old man is "still in look," in the sense of appearance, so his "look," his own vision, is "resigned," or re-signed, to the reality produced by theoretical abstraction but also the reality of that abstractedness. In saying the old man is effectively dead, the description says that it is dead too, since what registers the old man's inhumanity is his complete lack of cognition, that which proves his unproductivity.
Nonetheless, the very abstractedness of that voice stirs Norman.
To be sure, there were critics, including the so-called Cambridge School of historic demographers, who challenged the abstractedness of the functionalist formula.
The 16PF, an 185 forced choice questionnaire, measures the following aspects of personality: warmth, reasoning, emotional stability, dominance, liveliness, rule-consciousness, social boldness, sensitivity, vigilance, abstractedness, privateness, apprehension, openness to change, self-reliance, perfectionism and tension.
In part it was a matter of abstractedness: Mill seemed to him "comparable to a superlatively crammed senior wrangler, whose body has been stunted by his brains." He was "too much a calculating machine and too little of a human being." But besides abstractedness, there was also an element of what Leslie Stephen called "feminine tenderness" about Mill: his character, his prose, his doctrines.
In this context, Higuera serves us well by his practical criticism and close reading of the novel itself rather than a fashionably theoretical abstractedness, by his conviction that even the most opaque of hermeneutic circles cannot blur or reduce the luminousness of literature that continues to give voice to our human situation and to speak to our human condition.