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A significant negative relationship was found between Abstractedness (r = -.
Emotional Stability, Social Boldness, and Abstractedness were examined with respect to Criteria c and d.
Another statistical model showed that participants scoring low on emotional stability, tension, and sensitivity, and high on abstractedness, social boldness, and apprehension had higher levels of peritraumatic dissociation.
Idle computation" connotes both the abstractedness of philosophical reflection and the unproductivity of abstraction.
But besides abstractedness, there was also an element of what Leslie Stephen called "feminine tenderness" about Mill: his character, his prose, his doctrines.
In this context, Higuera serves us well by his practical criticism and close reading of the novel itself rather than a fashionably theoretical abstractedness, by his conviction that even the most opaque of hermeneutic circles cannot blur or reduce the luminousness of literature that continues to give voice to our human situation and to speak to our human condition.
This realignment is made evident by Meneghello's writing: the "popular" is certainly there, but the "national" is not - or is constantly under the attack of critical disbelief, circumvented, kept at bay by the abstractedness it shows to possess when compared with the solid, racy concreteness of the "local," with its unemphatic, often inarticulate, but infinitely valuable habits, linguistic as well as material.
The situation of Mathilda encrypts that of Mary Shelley herself as she experienced the deaths of her children while she tried to deal with Shelley's intellectual abstractedness and Godwin's massive indifference to anything but his own financial troubles.
Warmth (70%), Rule Consciousness (64%), Social Boldness (62%), Sensitivity (50%), vigilance (34%), Abstractedness (54%), Privateness (46%), Openness to Change (52%), Self-Reliance (60%) and Perfectionism (72%).
A significant statistical difference was found between the peacekeeper groups and the two control groups with regard to the factors of warmth, social boldness, abstractedness, and self-reliance (see Table 1).
For the peacekeeper group, the scores of social boldness and abstractedness were significantly lower than the military group (p = .
vigilant, suspicious, skeptical, wary), abstractedness (practical, grounded, down-to-earth vs.