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To take or withdraw from; as, to abstract the funds of a bank. To remove or separate. To summarize or abridge.

An abstract comprises—or concentrates in itself—the essential qualities of a larger thing—or of several things—in a short, abbreviated form. It differs from a transcript, which is a verbatim copy of the thing itself and is more comprehensive.


Abstract of Title.


n. in general, a summary of a record or document, such as an abstract of judgment or abstract of title to real property.

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If race or ethnicity was unknown, chart abstracters reviewed clinic notes for patient-reported race/ethnicity; they recorded provider-reported race/ethnicity only if a patient report was unavailable.
Decades ago, when I first wrote an article for Information Today, Inc., it was to defend an opinion that I had the temerity to express during the conference of an organization representing professional abstracters and indexers.
Currently, she said a licence is only required if you abstract more than 20,000 litres on any given day but the proposal is to top-slice from abstracters who have not used their full allocation in a given period.
Trained abstracters reviewed individual pathology reports for each case and extracted data using standardized forms.
Chemical Abstracts, with its far flung army of volunteer abstracters, was often 2-3 years behind.