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To take or withdraw from; as, to abstract the funds of a bank. To remove or separate. To summarize or abridge.

An abstract comprises—or concentrates in itself—the essential qualities of a larger thing—or of several things—in a short, abbreviated form. It differs from a transcript, which is a verbatim copy of the thing itself and is more comprehensive.


Abstract of Title.

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n. in general, a summary of a record or document, such as an abstract of judgment or abstract of title to real property.

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Gollwitzer (1999) discusses how the lack of goal accomplishment may result from an inability to initiate the goal because goals initially tend to be construed abstractly (e.g.
The Pollock connection aside (and that's a big aside), the fact that she paints abstractly is totally consonant with her age.
After moving to New York from New Mexico in 1957, Martin began to paint abstractly and rose to prominence.
(6.) It must not be ignored, however, that such language could be helpful in the academic sphere, where the questions being debated may not be fundamental to the faith, but more abstractly theological.
A Baudrillard essay on The Spirit of Terrorism, written soon after September 11, froths away abstractly about the collapse of the Twin Towers being a fiction--'reality is a principle'.
It is possible to move forward in practice norms to address the dilemma that Eboo very well outlined in his paper, if we consider it in a community base rather than abstractly.
With the plight of Tibetans embedded in the topography of popular and mass culture in the West, the filmmakers faced an interesting challenge--how to humanize a struggle that is abstractly understood and for most of us watching the film, so far away?
Stack them up to make a multiple holder or use a couple as an alternative to a set of bookends or simply place them abstractly around the room.
Ask the students, "How are we going to put the correct postage on this?" Some of the potential reasons for using different combinations are more likely to occur to students when real stamps are available than when the problem is presented abstractly. For example, Barb has commemorative stamps that she likes a lot and when she actually finds herself in this situation, she prefers to save them for cards for special occasions such as birthdays.
Numerous stage-set musical production numbers are interspersed throughout, neither firmly placed within the narrative nor abstractly set against it.
This is generally overlooked because when people hear the phrase "the Ten Commandments" they tend to conceive of them en bloc and rather abstractly as a set of basic moral principles that any right-thinking person would naturally endorse.
I cannot preach on baptism, whether Jesus' or ours, abstractly. Ideally, the congregation would celebrate a baptism on this day or we would affirm and remember our status as the baptized.