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To take or withdraw from; as, to abstract the funds of a bank. To remove or separate. To summarize or abridge.

An abstract comprises—or concentrates in itself—the essential qualities of a larger thing—or of several things—in a short, abbreviated form. It differs from a transcript, which is a verbatim copy of the thing itself and is more comprehensive.


Abstract of Title.


n. in general, a summary of a record or document, such as an abstract of judgment or abstract of title to real property.

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Other writers (e.g., Brown & Day, 1983) have focused on the art of text summarization or on the skills needed by a good abstractor (e.g., see Endres-Niggemeyer, Maier, & Sigel, 1995).
This variability can occur whether data are collected by one or multiple abstractors (To, Estrabillo, Wang, & Cicutto, 2008).
Extending the licence trading map from East Anglia to Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, East Midlands and West Midlands, to help abstractors look for opportunities to access other abstractors unused water Working with the NFU, CLA and AHDB to hold advice sessions for farmers since January 2019.
This obviously creates tension between the needs of abstractors, and those of the environment.
James Lancaster; Mary Nixon, executive secretary for Abstractors Board of Examiners; Shelby Taylor of Shelby Taylor Trucking; Alvin Upton, co-owner of Buy-Rite Foods Inc.; David Wells, majority owner of South Arkansas Telephone Co.; and W.A.
developing a strong focus on catchment areas for water bodies to encourage more partnership working between the Environment Agency, abstractors and catchment groups to protect and enhance the environment and improve access to water