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To take or withdraw from; as, to abstract the funds of a bank. To remove or separate. To summarize or abridge.

An abstract comprises—or concentrates in itself—the essential qualities of a larger thing—or of several things—in a short, abbreviated form. It differs from a transcript, which is a verbatim copy of the thing itself and is more comprehensive.


Abstract of Title.

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n. in general, a summary of a record or document, such as an abstract of judgment or abstract of title to real property.

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Presumably, consistency will be greatest when abstractors work to precise rules as to what to include and what not.
Nevertheless, if two abstractors (or indexers) consistently produce similar results, while a third agrees little with the other two, one is generally inclined to believe that the consistent abstracting (indexing) will be "better." Salton, Singhal, Mitra, and Buckley (1997) justify their automatic procedures for selecting and linking pieces of text on the grounds that the summary thus produced is as likely to agree with a humanly-produced summary as one humanly-produced summary is to agree with another.