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It has several possible dimensions: the individual abstractor may impose his/her own review of quality before submitting the abstract for further processing, the abstractor's work may later be checked by an editor or senior abstractor before publication, and readers may apply their own quality checks relating to the intelligibility of the abstract and its value in predicting the relevance of the original item to their own interests.
The FLTA has roots that extend back to 1914 when a group of title abstractors formed an association committed to improving the practice and procedures of searching land titles.
Bruce Eklund, Data Innovation business unit manager for 3M Health Information Systems, says that the agreement with LanVision represents an innovative solution to the health information management (HIM) industry's critical shortage of trained coders and abstractors.
With a team of more than 5,000 independent appraisers, 560 abstractors, and 560 closing agents, LSI's unique approach to process management and its commitment to utilizing innovative technology distinguishes LSI from its competitors.