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To take or withdraw from; as, to abstract the funds of a bank. To remove or separate. To summarize or abridge.

An abstract comprises—or concentrates in itself—the essential qualities of a larger thing—or of several things—in a short, abbreviated form. It differs from a transcript, which is a verbatim copy of the thing itself and is more comprehensive.


Abstract of Title.

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n. in general, a summary of a record or document, such as an abstract of judgment or abstract of title to real property.

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Session topic proposal deadline: TBD Abstract deadline: 13 February 2019 Preregistration deadline: 8 May 2019 Extended abstract deadline: 12 July 2019 Initial announcement published: Nov.
According to the company, the titles of the abstracts are currently available on the ASCO iPlanner website, with the full abstracts scheduled to be published on 15 May 2019.
"Every year, thousands of abstracts are accepted on a range of timely public health topics."
Results: Among a total of 614 abstracts presented at these congresses, 139 (22.6%) presentations were published in various medical journals.
Although the publication rates of a pediatric rheumatology congress were reported, (3) to our knowledge, no research was conducted on full-text publication rates of pediatric rheumatology abstracts which were presented in a general and leading rheumatology congress such as the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR).
More journals are beginning to include graphical abstracts in addition to their traditional ones.
For research abstracts, the following sections are required: Purpose, Review of Literature, Methodology, Results and Implications for Registered Nurses or Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
T he deadline for submission of abstracts is August 25, 2014.
* Please note that all the abstracts will be published in CDs as well as on Social Media.
There is no data about publication rates of the abstracts presented at the EULAR meeting, although there are reports in other specialties, i.e., in urology, radiology, cardiology, and so forth.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Endocrine Society has invited endocrinologists, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, allied health professionals and other healthcare providers to submit abstracts of their respective research work for its 10th Annual Symposium.
There are several types of abstracts, including research, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, case study, clinical, leadership/management, and general education.