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According to Camus, the remedy lies in revolt and arrives in two stages: first it is necessary to acknowledge the existence of the absurd universe and then to learn to live in it.
According to commentator John Cruickshank, Camus emphasizes the psychological existence of the absurd sensibility, in order "to discuss what the individual should do when, consciously or unconsciously, he experiences anxiety, disappointment, and a sense of estrangement and horror of death" (Cruickshank, 1960, 44).
Camus argues that the absurd comes from the confrontation between irrationality (irrationnel) and a desperate craving for clarity or meaning (desir eperdu de clarte).
It seems absurd that an experienced, talented referee can be forced to give up his job at a relatively young age.
He invents some absurd situations, then works very hard at creating still more absurdities until his imagination fails him.
In Starving to Death on $200 Million: The Short, Absurd Life of The Industry Standard, a very fine journalist, James Ledbetter, succumbs to both of these tendencies like the swoony boy lead in a Kirsten Dunst movie.
In truth, we don't always know when something is absurd.
It was absurd because the Alliance leader had always been as open on such matters as he was public about his deep evangelical Christian faith.
It was the first time I had seen Absurd Person Singular and I'm told it can be side-splittingly funny.
At its most absurd and hilarious, Bentley tried to create some "personal space" for himself by literally tearing it off Jared Kaplan's body.
His words and deeds are absurd, eccentric and unreasonable.
SOMETIMES, STANDARD OPER-Sating procedure starts to look like theater of the absurd.