absurd story

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That wicked boy has been frightening the whole school, Miss Halcombe, by declaring that he saw a ghost yesterday evening," answered the master; "and he still persists in his absurd story, in spite of all that I can say to him.
But there's also a question of putting too much gravity on an essentially absurd story.
The semi-abstract, crayon-style illustrations lend the impression of a child's wonder, in this delightfully absurd story, ideal for young people who are just beginning to read on their own.
Yet the same absurd story line, with dramatic plot variations, is peddled over and over again.
It's a totally absurd story about an old 2002 model jeep", he said.
Whilst that episode was a delirious mixture of absurd story, complex issues and well-developed characters, The Waldo Moment sadly misfires on all accounts aiming a barb that mainly attacks reality television more than the dangerous mingling of politics and entertainment.
The play, which was first staged at the Yale School of Drama in 1974, tells the unusual and absurd story of an estranged family aboard the ship in an off-the-wall interpretation of the notorious maritime disaster.
The quietly absurd story, balancing compassion and humor in a pitch perfect deadpan, skewers passion and in the process exposes the poignant loneliness that lurks at the heart of these humane satires.
On the third occasion, the fellow jokingly asked if I were following him around, and for some reason I decided to respond with an equally absurd story, saying that yes, indeed, I was following him because my status as employee at the firm was actually a disguise - in reality I was a detective hired by the firm to keep an eye on employees who spent too much time in the rest rooms instead of at their desks.
Keep Right, starring Ewan Bremner and Lance Henriksen, is the absurd story of two men who seem to be chasing each other with guns, but are really running around like overgrown children playing a shooting game they take very seriously.
Moazzam has agreed to plead guilty to this absurd story that allegedly he was part of an al Qaida plot to get a drone -and unmanned aircraft -and fly it from Suffolk over London to drop anthrax over the House of Commons,' he said.
Bumped into Charlotte in the corridor and I was telling her the absurd story about Sunderland banning Stefan Schwarz from taking a space flight when she went a funny puce colour.